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A quieter but fun day nonetheless at our RVBB Vendor Day this past Thursday. Thanks to everyone who came out to make the day a success.

A few of our visitors brought pieces to share…

Tiffany finished her first miniature punch needle piece – Neighbours (one of the Karla Gerard PN designs I sell)… and Sandy brought along her hooked version of Winter Fox – one of my Lisa Ferguson patterns – and is doing an amazing job…

Yesterday I took a day off working and spent the day watching Brit dramas and punching. I NEEDED to punch as I am taking a box making class on Wednesday and hmmmmm had not finished my piece for the top of the box!!! So yesterday I diligently punched all day and finished my piece for the workshop and also another piece, Crescent Moon. Yeahhhhhh…

My last selling event of the year will be International Rughooking Day – mark the date and the location on your calendars and join us for a fun day if you can. 

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  1. Is ‘Neighbour’s a ‘door topper’ or a bigger size? nancy

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  2. And could it be hooked?? Nancy

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  3. Hi!
    Love the rugs!!!

    Where are you taking the box making class?
    Will you teach me?

    We made it to our Florida home.
    Unpacking now and setting up a sewing and hooking spot for me!
    Am a bit procrastinating at starting the rugs…..wish you were here!

    Will keep in touch, please do as well.

    Sent from my iPad

  4. I especially like Neighbours…looks beautiful in mini punchneedle…well done! Len

  5. oldeforgelesley

    I love the punched pieces and can hardly wait to see your box – and in future, boxes! Have fun Wednesday,




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