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Well, the last few days have CERTAINLY not been fall-like – hot and humid! more like July than mid October. Thank goodness tomorrow things get a tad more normal because PACKING THE CAR IN THIS WEATHER is not going to happen. If the dock were still in the water I would be swimming! 🙂

So tomorrow we leave for Fleece Festival in Woodstock Ontario. This wonderful one day show takes place Saturday from 9 – 5. Yarns, needle felting supplies, spinning and weaving supplies, many rughooking vendors etc. It is a wonderful festival sure to delight all lovers of fibre!

Then, home for a day before we leave for the rug show in Burlington, Vermont where instead of vending I will be buying!

So, a few really exciting days to come. And hopefully I can put away my flip flops and wear my nice fur-lined shoes again.



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  1. I hope you and I BOTH can put away our flip flops AND our Waders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Have fun.

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  3. Just came back from dropping off 3 rugs for the show. Maybe I will see you there next week!


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