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First, a picture of a beautiful rug hooked by Liz. This is a biggg rug (I know because I drew it out) and Liz hooked it in hmmm less than 2 months! Am I shamed – you bet!!!…

And a quick reminder that Fibrefest, our local fabulous Fibre weekend, takes place in Almonte September 8 and 9 with workshops (some are not yet totally full so check them out) on Friday the 7th. Take advantage of a wonderful day at Fibrefest and then visit the beautiful town of Almonte (one of my favourite junkin’ destinations). You won’t be disappointed in either!!! I will be teaching Friday and vending Saturday and Sunday. Hope to see you there.

Also the Monday after Fibrefest there is a lovely hookin in Campbellford – Although I won’t be able to attend this is a great start to hooking season (hopefully we will be DONE with heat and humidity. Today feels like soup outside!)…

The Old Mill Park in Campellford on the west side of the town bridge.
Cost $5.oo, 
Bring a sandwich, 
Dessert , tea and coffee is provided.
Bring your hooking and enjoy the day.

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  1. Francine Caves

    I love the rug!
    How big is it?

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  2. Pat Reid. RVBB

    How lovely!

  3. Nancy MCFARLAND

    That is a beautiful rug. Great design. Good job Loretta. 😻 Have you ever designed a primitive oriental In the past? Nancy

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