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Do not seem to be disappearing anytime soon. I hope you are all cool and comfortable. This weather does not jive well with hooking with wool – well not big rugs in any event so I am busy making prodded sunflowers for my class at Almonte Fibrefest in September. I love making these sunflowers as they are fun and easy and look so good in the fall and hmmm unlike real sunflowers which I LOVE these last more than 2 days!

I am finally able to post the flyer for the rug show taking place in Almonte:

AND!!!! a new Lisa Ferguson pattern – Bluejay. This is a wonderful design – big enough (24 x 17 inches) to be very dramatic but simple to hook either very realistically or whimsically. I love bluejays – they are one of my favourite harbingers of fall (and this year fall cannot come tooooo soon with hopefully cooler dryer days!) so of course this had to become a pattern. At the Art and Craft sale in Picton on Thursday Lisa was just down the aisle from me with her prints AND VERY REASONABLY PRICED ORIGINAL WATER COLOURS. So I sent people her way to see all her beautiful pieces and of course! there were some decisions made on future patterns i.e. a lovely Barn Owl, Pileated Woodpecker etc. These would be wonderful for 2019 Annual with the Birds of a Feather theme!…

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    Hi Loretta Beautiful sunflowers.   Do you sell the pattern?   If Almonte was closer I’d sign up for your workshop.  Thanks.  Suzanne Chaddock

  2. oldeforgelesley

    Oh my goodness – these sunflowers are gorgeous!! I didn’t realize they were ’stand alone’! I thought they were proddy but on a background of linen. Too sweet!!

    And great timing – I’m sending out a note to Olde Forgers by the end of the week so will include the info about Almonte. 🙂

    Until Wed – or sooner if I hear from Ben. 🙂 And by the way – the jays are already making themselves heard over here…they want their sunflower seeds – now!! 🙂



  3. The Jays are the biggest pigs in my back yard, but they have learned to hover like hummers and take one seed at a time from the spring loaded feeder. They are exceedingly generous in spreading the word and food to the squirrels and chipmunks as well. A source of entertainment and annoyance. Love the sunflowers too. . Beth

  4. margaretlwilliams

    Hi thereis there a pattern I can buy for your lovely sun flowers?Kind regardsMargaret WilliamsGuelph

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  5. I love these! I hope I can get into the class. Do you know when they will start taking applications?

    Fingers crossed.

    Regards Edie

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  6. Thanks for posting the flyer for the Almonte show! It is really wonderful.

  7. Oh! I LOVE your sunflowers! I just hooked one that I’m giving to my mama for her birthday. I love the colors you used to make your sunflowers! What did you use for stems?


    Hi Loretta,

    I cannot believe i missed signing up for your sunflower class. 😞 Ugh, the heat & missing the registration is the worst! If you are making a waiting list, can you add my name to it please? I am so looking forward to Fibrefest and the Fall weather.

    Have a wonderful week.


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  9. I love that Blue Jay.Is it available along with the others you mentioned?

  10. Hi Loretta, where do I find the fibrefest class schedules, or am I too late? F

  11. Over 20 workshops at Fibrefest this year! The schedule may be found on the Fibrefest website:
    Thanks for helping to promote us, Loretta!

  12. what a wonderful! If I didn’t have so much ahead of me I might think about it.


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