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Welllllllll Yesterday’s Women’s Institute Craft and Art show is over for another year. Unlike last year it was not as horrifically hot and we brought a fan so Gord managed to stay nice and cool. Had a fun day but not so fun drive home. Because the show runs till 7 by the time we were 3/4 of the way home it was getting dark. That must bring out all the animals because as we were driving along all of a sudden a big black “thing” fell from the sky beside our car and thunked into us. Now Gord is a very very careful driver and I keep eyes peeled for little beady glimmers on the side of the road.  We have never hit an animal before and actually Gord swerves (when it is not dangerous) for wooly bears and frogs but this BIG BLACK MONSTER came out of the sky! Turns out it was a huge bear cub – although it was sooooo big I would not call it a cub! It must have decided to play chicken and jump off the cliff on the side of the highway – and ran into the side of our vehicle. Loving all animals as we do this was not a good thing.  We pulled over and as I was having a breakdown Gord was calling 911. Needless to say you DONT WANT TO GET OUT OF THE CAR WHEN there is an injured bear in the ditch and momma is grunting in the trees on the cliff! OPP were wonderful and were dispatched and we backed up as we were on the phone and all of a sudden the bear got up and ran across the highway and then back to our side with no apparent problems and finally back up the cliff to his mom. Well the tears started again – shock and relief that hopefully the little guy!!!! was okay. So we survived, the bear survived however the car did not! Well it survived with injuries. But things could have been much worse – the worst would have been being a few seconds later and having the bear in the middle of the highway! Of course, had we NOT STOPPED FOR ICECREAM on the way home hmmmm we would have gone through a few minutes earlier and none of this would have happened.  So NO MORE ICECREAM STOPS in future!!!! 🙂

And now back to more positive stuff! Although I no longer participate this is a great show on the lawns of the historic Opinicon Hotel in Chaffey’s lock (on the Rideau). If you are looking for something fun to do this Saturday and a great place to have lunch check it out. The Hotel has been totally revamped and is amazing…

And a lovely rug show!!! at the Mississippi Mills Municipal office 3131 Old Perth Road until September 30, Monday to Friday 8:30 – 4:30 then at the Mississippi Mills Public Library 155 High Street September 31st to November 30th. Both venues are in Almonte, Ontario which is a wonderful artsy town with a couple of my favourite antique stores and some really good restaurants.  There is a poster of the show but I need to figure out how to post it 🙂 and brain needs more caffeine first!





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  1. Karen Massingham

    OMG How frightening and after a long busy day!!

    That is a great show and it goes on and on!!
    Another building and another building and more tents. What a lot of talent!!

    Glad you got home safe.

  2. OMG Loretta. I don’t think of bear country as where we live!! Glad all is well. And that at least there were not antlers sticking into the side of your car. Be well- M

  3. Oh my goodness. Was that on the Old Perth Road? A scary time, I am sure! Glad everyone is OK – bear cub included!!!!! Nancy

    Sent from Nancy’s iPad


  4. Glad you are ok although somewhat stressful!!!

  5. Oh my gosh, Loretta, what a crazy experience. Hope the car is convalescing well🤕

  6. Oh dear Loretta, always something exciting it seems. I would have been sobbing too. Hope the little guy is ok. 🤗

    Sent from my iPad

  7. It’s time to design a bear rug.

  8. Or … You could of had a banana split and stayed longer … thus giving the bear a chance to go away before you got there! NEVER give up ice cream stops!

    Glad all involved are OK, even if a tad shaken.

  9. Nancy McFarland

    Very smart thinking on Gords behalf. I would absolutely have been in tears too for the bear. But without thinking might have got out of the car to check on the bear. The first thing I thought of was that it was the 401. But not. Glad you are both safe and sound.

  10. Lorraine Pammett

    Loretta Glad to hear your “close encounter” wasn’t too bad, but I think no more ice cream stops is a bit drastic and now you’ve had caffeine I hope you agree. I recently have hit 2 deer (uninjured,they ran on) on the same piece of road. I decided I need deer whistles. Well they stick right up on the hood of my 🚗 but still….. Be well my multi talented friend Lorraine

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