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This little guy showed up on the door last week. I could not understand why Lucky was so absorbed at 5 a.m. with staring at the door until I looked a little closer. I know in the picture he looks like a monster but he (she?) was actually only about half an inch long.  Tooooooo cute!  Lucky was so exhausted from all the excitement that he had to have a lie down…

Jill’s most recent completed rug – Llama (one of my Karla Gerard patterns) is wonderful!!!…

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  1. Cute, cute and cute…all three pics!

  2. You’re too funny! Beautiful cat!

  3. Lucky has the best bed for a lie down! Jill’s llama rug is fantastic.

  4. I see a rug cat in suitcase on wool strips and frog jumping by

  5. Nancy McFarland

    great pictures. Pretty cute little toad. And Lucky is just so lucky. Would be a great rug


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