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Had a wonderful weekend at the Wellington Quilt Show – there was so much going on in the county that busloads of people were touring around attending all the events and I do believe the lovely quilt show was on the list of stops 🙂 . I did take pictures and will tidy them up and post them later this week (after suitcases of wool are all unpacked and placed back where they belong!).

In the meantime I have a few pictures to share…

Elizabeth attached her lovely little punch needle to one of the sheep boards I carry (made by Vince). I only have one sheep board left!…

Elaine sent me a picture of the Blooming Sheep rug she just finished (one of the Karla Gerard patterns I carry). It turned out soooooo beautifully…

ANDDDDD, a new artist to add to the list of pattern designs. Lisa Ferguson is a local artist who does beautiful watercolour illustrations and paintings and she has given me permission to do some of her lovely pieces as rughooking and punch needle patterns. The first two patterns are perfect for next year’s OHCG Annual as the theme is “Birds”… There will be more of Lisa’s patterns to follow but I thought these would be an amazing start!… How Canadian is that goose?


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  1. sheryl.wallis

    Whete is next years show being held?Sheryl

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  2. The owl is beautiful-would love to do that! Beth

  3. Love the birds. I’m looking forward to seeing more of her/your new patterns. The two sheep are delightful.

  4. Hmmmm … so many gorgeous patterns … so little time!

  5. Sandi Percival

    Love the absolutely brilliant new patterns. Awe inspiring!!….Sandi

  6. Love the goose! Will you be bringing that one for punch hooking to Karen’s Hook-In?…Len

  7. Marjorie Duizer

    Those bird patterns will be perfect for people to do for the annual Marjorie

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  8. Oh wow, I’m so glad I was able to introduce the two of you!
    As soon as I saw her stuff I knew they would be awesome patterns!

  9. Hi Loretta I could not find the email you sent me about the Scottish pattern done by your cousin so I’ll respond to this one… I love these new patterns you have…i may have to invest in that Canadian goose but then I saw that fox in the snow….hmmmm which one. Will you be bringing some of these patterns to twist. I persuaded peter to accompany me so I hope to be there on the Friday. I saw that you are in the main building. There are other vendors but in room 01….where is that? Is it far from the main building. Just planning my route. I hope to be there for 11:00 though I know it only opens at 12. Hoping to get a disabled parking spot or at least park near the building. Is there lots of parking? I’d hate to arrive and turn around and go back home lol… Sorry I did not get back to you sooner, I’ve been having to deal with family issues. My mil is 90 and as we are her only family it falls on us to look after her. It’s been a jam packed 3 months and we are just waiting on an operation for her. Never ends.. Hopefully you are enjoying the summer and not getting too stressed about shows. Don’t know how you do it. You are one busy gal! I’ll  decide on the patterns and let you know which ones. Talk soon HugsJoni

    Sent from Joni Black….Have a wonderful day 😊


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