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So, I knew there were many reasons to go to rug camp – not only to learn and be inspired by those around us but ALSO TO AVOID WORK!  Since my return home Sunday I have washed windows (pine pollen encrusted), washed outside walls, washed porch floors, washed outdoor furniture – and NO HOOKING has been done! Today we are off to take a cruise on the boat, park, swim and I am taking along a little punching because YIKES it is tooooooo hot to hook outdoors! So punching it will be and hmmm has been after all the cleaning was done. Started this little 5 x 6 (which grew a tad) project at rug camp in the evenings to give my wrist and shoulder a break and finished it the other day and this morning mounted it to one of the wonderful hornbooks made by Wendy’s hubby, Vince. I painted this one mustard and distressed it with my usual brown shoe polish and then buffed it up and I love the combination of the smoky blue sky and the dirty yellow hornbook. I have these in stock painted, unpainted and also sheep shaped! So if you are wondering what to do with that little punch needle piece these are a great way to display…


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  1. Karen Massingham

    That’s a great idea and looks wonderful!!

  2. Karen Massingham

    That’s a great idea and looks wonderful!!

  3. Such a sweet punch needle piece. Have fun at your Hook-in. So sorry I will be missing it.

  4. Love it! Keep cool out there!

  5. Loretta thought of you when I saw this:



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