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It was a lovely 4 days – well we threw in another one to do a bit of junkin in Essex Junction! I am having way too much fun hooking my spiky girl – see if you can spot her!

So a few pix from our exhibit and classes – taught by Jule Marie Smith, Pam Kirk, Tracy Jamar, April Deconnick, Karen Miller, Lucille Festa. As much as possible I tried to include the name of the designer and hooker but in some cases the pieces being worked on were designed by the hooker. Please acknowledge people if you post these on Pinterest…


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  1. Nancy Crapper

    Fabulous pictures! Looks like a fabulous 4 days! Thanks for sharing! Nancy

    Sent from Nancy’s iPad


  2. HI

    Knew right away which one was yours.. love the colours of the spikes. Sounds like you had a good time!


  3. Marlene Leonardo

    Hello! I love the photos! Thank you so much for sharing. The people who used yarn…did they rug punch or use a very fine hook? I did see a small hook in one of the photos….did everyone who used yarn use a fine hook?

    Thank you, 🙂 Marlene


    • elaine allerton

      Great pics,,,
      Thanks so much,,,
      Recognized urs! Love him ,,, and ur colors!!
      Sounds like a fun time,,,
      Thanks for sharing,,,

    • Hi Marlene! I taught the Hooking with Yarn class and we were hooking, not punching. I use only yarn in my work and I find a medium hook works best with Yarn. Hope this helps! Karen

  4. Wow, such diversity and talent-thanks for posting this. Beth Dubeau

  5. Thanks, Lor. Is it the ”porkypine?” Love it.

  6. What a fabulous variety of rugs. It would be difficult to pick a favourite. They are all inspiring.

  7. Pat Reid. RVBB

    What a treat! A splendour of designs, colour, executions, imaginations……..and everything!
    Porkypine rules…..and the front step…is missing. Eaten, I suppose..!

  8. Danyelle Lauzé

    WOW! The designs are lovely ! Great pictures !

  9. Love your “porkie “. Can’t wait to see the final product.

  10. oldeforgelesley

    Hi Loretta,

    I just had to say – thanks heaps for sharing! I’m really hoping to get to Green Mountain next year and continue to be awestruck by all the creativity and talent. And I love your spiky girl – of course she is yours – and so nifty. Love the way you’re doing her quills. It will be fun to see her in person in August. 🙂

    All the best and see you at the hook in in the meantime. Coming up soon!!!

    With a hug,



  11. Marsha Moyer-Payne

    Wow, Loretta, you must have not come to my classroom: Tracy Jamar. Will look again, but didn’t see any of her art or my classmate’s nor mine.


    Hi Loretta,

    would you pleas post the address of the Hook In next month?i have the Lions Beach but not sure where that is so I can google it?



    • Hi Diane. thank you – great idea. Here is the address 52 County Rd 36, Westport, ON K0G 1X0. Very easy to find – if you come into westport via highway 38 turn at Godfrey onto Westport Road and take that all the way almost into Westport. You will see the Beer store on the right and we will have balloons up – turn left onto highway 36 going out of westport (at the beer store) and a little up that road you will see the big sign (and more balloons) for the Lions Club Beach House. Bring a bathing suit – we are right on the beach and it is going to be a stinker! (hot that is). … see you there…Loretta

  13. Oh My! Looks like you did have fun!!! Thank you for sharing the joy. Love the colours in your “porky”.

  14. Nice to see that more people are using yarn! Love my yarn for hooking….lol


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