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Tomorrow morning I leave bright and EARLY for Vermont. Cannot believe the time is here already… I am so excited to be finally getting to my Porky rug which my friend Diane who was here for the weekend named “Porkzilla”. We also gave her a somewhat more French moniker – “Porque-zilla”. She will be wild – well I hope! One never knows how a rug will turn out – some are easier than others and just seem to flow off the hook and others hmmmmmmmmm – not! As I just said to my friend Anne – if the porky does not work out she will get a hair (or quill) cut and become a beaver!

While Di was here we hooked on the dock alllll day Saturday – it was WONDERFUL. Lovely breeze kept us nice and cool under the canopy (one of the smartest buys we ever made) and we worked hard. I decided it was time to finish hooking something that had been hanging around for quite a while – one of those NOTs – and it is finished!  For some reason it just was not flowing but it all seemed to come together on Saturday and is done and bound – yeah. Now I just need to tackle a few other unfinished projects when I get home again. I always feel soooooo good when a piece is finished – well don’t we all!…

This is an adaptation of one of the Karla Gerard patterns I sell – Sheep Farm.  I didn’t want to do the full pattern and decided one half was enough – Gord says it looks quite Tuscan – yup that blue sky!…This is available as a pattern or kit…

Yesterday 3 lovely ladies came from Ottawa to put their purses together. We had a fun and lively day and purses were finished by the time they left…


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  1. Love your Tuscan sheep. We had so much fun at your purse workshop – and we came home with a finished purse! Thank you ! Enjoy Vermont. Looking forward to seeing Potkzilla in all her glory.

  2. Have fun in Vermont. Your hooking gathering on the dock sounds wonderful.

  3. Loretta. What cut did you do your “Tuscan sheep “ in?


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