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Almost time to leave – bags to pack, wool to dye, oh and hmmm, pattern to draw. But it will be done by next Wednesday and I will be off to hook hook hook – well, and learn learn learn. How exciting!

In the meantime a few pix to share…

Nancy sent me a picture of her completed rug… an amazing Dead Leaf Moth I discovered on my front porch (living!)… and a most beautiful Io moth that would NOT leave the tip of my finger… Although I was not able to attend our Annual Lac Sam retreat I do have pictures to share – where was I – at my lovely niece’s fun fun wedding. So, although I was disappointed to miss our retreat, I had a lovely time celebrating the marriage of my niece and her fiancé…

Sandi was working on her amazing Boston Terrier rug at the Lac Sam retreat…

Wendy’s Lac Sam project…Karen’s project… Andrea’s Deanne Fitzpatrick Santa…Donna’s little chickens – pattern by Briarwood Folkart…
and Sherri sent me a picture of her completed Red Bird Punch needle (one of the patterns I carry)…

It seems word has gotten around that this is the place to come to if you are an animal of any sort – be it deer in the gardens, moths on the porch, snakes on the steps and nowwwww something erupting from my garden – knocking out plants and leaving eggs behind…. ZOOM IN! this honking big snapper has decided the heck with the gravel driveway – she found the nice soft earth in our new garden, knocked plants out of the way and is now busy laying eggs. Which means the darned raccoons will be in there digging them up tonight.  See that lovely little plant by her front foot – well its staying there until she is gone!!!!! No way is my hand going near that jaw!  Well I left for about 15 minutes and just went to look at her progress and she was gone but there was a huge crater left behind.  Not sure where she went as they usually don’t move too quickly but I needed to fill in the hole and replant my grass so out came the rake and hole was filled and plant replanted and yikes 2 feet away, what I THOUGHT was a dirt covered rock was actually Gertie! digging ANOTHER HOLE in between the lavender plants. Hopefully this will be last one for today!



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  1. Fabulous pictures! Enjoy your time in Vermont! Len

  2. Nancy Crapper

    Thanks, Loretta for posting Molly! Have a great time in Vermont & a safe drive!!! Nancy

    Sent from Nancy’s iPad


  3. Love your stories! Never a dull moment. Your home is a nature sanctuary- word must be getting around. AND such gorgeous rugs. Have fun at rug camp.

  4. I enjoy your wildlife stories. Have a safe trip to Vermont.

  5. My dear Loretta I think you should start writing children’s books along with everything else in your life. Write about the animals and insects that

    come to visit you. The turtle story is amazing and the pictures are perfect.

    So about the stockings, I went through your list of rug patterns and chose “Winter Skate” and “Barn Scene”it is a winter scene also. I think they would

    make nice stocking scenes. For size, the ones you designed for Sherri are a nice size for a Christmas stocking.

    Now the Hookin: If I come all the way down #36 to the Liqour store do I turn lt. to go into Westport? because we turned rt. there to go to your place.

    I really don’t mind travelling alone. I have a new car now so I don’t worry about getting places its finding places that is my problem.

    I am envious of you going to Vermont. There is no place like the New England States. I grew on the border of Maine and New Brunswick.

    So have a good time.

    Penny Rose


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