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Summer – too hot to hook? Well, not for me as I usually hook on the dock where there are lovely breezes.  But for some it is, so I will only be back at Stitch by Stitch this coming September. However, I will still be updating the stock in the store so if you are a regular and need something please let me know.

I finally finished my rug started at Camp Iawah – yeah. Gord was away and because it was wet and cold out I felt nooooooo compunction about sitting in front of the TV watching episodes of Victoria that I recorded months ago and hooking. So all that is left to do is show binding and my usual clean up… I had a lot of fun working on this pattern – each tulip each crescent and each bird is different. I played to my hearts content. This wonderful pattern is available from Teresa Kogut at and is called Two Birds.

In 2 weeks I leave for rug camp in Vermont – I am sooooo excited to be taking a class with Pam Kirk on Whimsical Animals. I toyed with many ideas for this rug – my cats drooling over the chippie, the deer eating my gardens, the turtle, maybe the snake!!! but in the end I decided to immortalize the miserable porky who insists on eating my wooden house at 3 a.m. So how to make her “whimsical”? ahhhh you will have to wait and see – of course MY thoughts may change drastically when I get to class but …

This will be part of my Wolfe Lake animal series – the fox, the otter, the beaver, the loon, the Canada geese and now the big toothed prickly &(^(&%%&(_%# ! I have also decided to make my otter rug into a punch needle piece – patterns are 8 x 6 and I may punch this in the evening while I hook during the day at camp… And of course when I return from rug camp it is only days till our Westport hookin so if you have registered but are unable to attend please let us know so that we can offer your spot to someone on our waiting list.

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  1. Shelagh Ryan

    Love the birds and tulips!
    I’m really looking forward to the Hook-in, sure hope you plan on sharing what you learn at Vermont hooking camp

  2. wow just wonderful

  3. Love your two birds! Rainy days are the best! – no yard work – I can hook guilt free. So looking forward to hearing about your “whimsical animals” course. Have fun!

  4. Loretta hope you have a nice time in Vermont. About the Westport hookin where exactly is it being held? If not at your place can you give me directions please. I will be driving up alone. I was hoping Sherri would come along but she has her grandchildren to look after.

    Also I have to start thinking about Christmas. I would like to make my daughter and her beau Christmas stockings. they are adult so do you have ideas? I was thinking a nice winter scene on one but don’t know about #2.

    No need to worry about it before your camp and we can talk about it at the hookin. Do we bring our lunch that day?

    Happy hooking,

    Penny Rose


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