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The weather was lovely, the treats were delicious and there was a nice turnout for the Moira Mat Makers hookin in Belleville yesterday. We left bright and early – no rescues on the way there – however!!!! we had 3 rescues on the way back!!! A big old snapper who was not in the least interested in being helped off the highway. Every time we would try to grab the back edge of her shell she would flip around and try to bite. What to do????? Usually we look for a stick that she will grab onto and then we can drag her off the road however this time NO STICKS and NO UMBRELLA in the car (not that we would have found it under all my suitcases and bags). So, off came my flip flop and yup she grabbed and grabbed again and again. We finally got her off the hot highway and far enough into the side ditch that hopefully she plodded home but hmmmmm did a number to my flip flop – although these girls have no teeth they do have VERY strong jaws. Then, a lovely big box turtle that needed to be moved off in the right direction and lastly, yikes (Gord did not help me on this next one) a 3 foot long skinny black rat snake! For that I DID use a stick but Gord would not get out of the car to take pix or help 🙂 . So a fun day at the hook in and satisfying rescues on the way home…

Oooops I am wet – I did it again! 5th time now!  We decided to try a deterrent to the deer eating our new garden down to nubs. We installed a Scarecrow – no not the man on a stick but a watering device triggered by motion. The minute it detects motion it does a whip back and forth and sprays. Well for the last few mornings I have wandered out the front door in my pj’s to check on the gardens – forgettinggggggg that I also create motion that can be detected and whoosh whoosh I have been sprayed – just went out to feed the chippie and hmmm whoosh whoosh!

And now a few pix to share…

Toni sent me a picture of her favourite song challenge rug…

my lovely but shy box turtle… snapper safe and sound and watered… my poor flip flop but better the flip flop than my fingers!!!… 


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  1. I absolutely love reading your blogs, you make me laugh and smile bright in the way you tell your stories. The pics of the rugs and projects are amazing. Looking forward to the hook in in July.

    Tami Yeo

  2. Sunday morning, sitting in a sunny spot with my Hooking, a big mug of coffee and your blog! I’m laughing out loud. Hugs. PS – as much as I love animals, you would be on your own with the snake. I would be in the car with Gord cheering you on.

  3. You are so funny! Snakes, no!! Hope the water works on getting the deer instead of you!!

  4. The turtles thank you.

  5. Edith Hagarty

    I’m with Gord on the snake! I might have just run over it!

    See you Thursday!


    Sent from my iPhone


  6. You make me laugh Loretta! Don’t ever stop….love the sprinkler idea….does it work on skunks too? I rescued the smallest painted turtle I’ve ever seen on my own road just a couple of days ago.
    Remind me to tell you the story of the pig rescue some day!

    And shame on you Edith threatening a black rat snake! Mind you I’d rather shoo it off the road than find one swimming beside me! Or am I thinking of a water snake? Doesn’t matter the one who put white in my hair was big and black and right beside me up at Lake Clear a few years ago. Still gives me the shivers to think about it!

  7. Thanks for the show.
    How kind of you to rescue the turtles and snake.
    So does the Scarecrow also repel deer?

  8. your a good person to ruin your flip flop in the name of turtle.


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