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And now all the garden (not that I have much in the way of gardens as my darling deer crops and nibbles) and general outside work begin. But also lovely mornings with coffee on the dock! afternoons with lunch and hooking and reading on the olde fogey boat (pontoon – no more ski boats for us). So yup I have been hooking and soon will post a picture of my completed piece but in the meantime here are some others to share…

Yvonne took my fish bones class at the Annual in Ottawa and send me pix of her finished fish (yes I have more of these patterns and bones in stock!)…

and her mini fish bones punch needle (yup still have some of those kits in stock as well)…

Michelle sent me pix of her purse flap which we will put together in our upcoming purse workshop…

and her first hooked piece a Deanne Fitzpatrick…

and her latest punch needle project…(yes she is rather prolific!)

Tomorrow I am vending at the Moira Matmakers hookin in Belleville. This is always a lovely hookin – in a huge, well lit and air conditioned venue. I hope to see some of you there…


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  1. Hi Loretta I enjoy your posts so much Nice to see the work you and everyone does

    I would be interested in purchasing the fish kit – bones and all! I will be coming in august wit linda hobbs’ group I could however pick it up earlier if that works out

    Louise Cholette


  2. Glad to hear you are getting time to enjoy your lovely property and finding time to hook. Enjoy the hook-in tomorrow. Seeing “ fish bones “ always makes me smile. Mine is waiting to be stuffed. That was a fun workshop.

  3. Hi Loretta, I am in Nova Scotia and going to see Deanne Fitzpatrick on Monday. Can’t wait!


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