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Yup it has been a long time between posts! The last few weeks have been very stressful and extremely sad. A big black cloud seemed to be following us. I am hoping it has now moved on and life may become a bit more normal again. So the long awaited pictures from the annual – my usual photographer was not able to join me that weekend as he had other commitments so only a very few and not so well taken pix and I apologize, but no names of the artists or designers. But I hope you enjoy what we have. Oh and yup some may be a tad cockeyed or duplicated but more to enjoy! I do believe either the Olde Forge Rughooking branch or the OHCG will be posting the pix (taken by a REAL photographer) on their websites and once I see them there I will share a link, but for now enjoy…


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  1. Nancy Crapper

    I am sorry, Loretta, that you have been thru a difficult & sad time. Hoping things are improving for you. The pictures are great & for someone who did not get there – the number & variety of hookings is incredible! Thank you for sharing. Nancy

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  2. You did a great job. Beth

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  3. elaine allerton

    Oh, loretta,, hope things are getting better!
    So sorry to hear,,,
    Your pics are great!!!
    Going to look again,,,,
    Thanks for sharing,,,
    Hope the black cloud as gone,,,,

  4. Francine Caves

    Are you ok?
    Miss you!

    Sent from my iPad

  5. Loretta, so sorry to hear you have had some unhappy times. Hope the sun is peeking through and things look a little brighter. So many beautiful designs. Sorry I missed it!

  6. Ann Ashcraft

    I enjoy your pictures and blog so much. I was wondering if you know the name of the pattern and where I could purchase it. It is in the second photo in the top right hand corner. It reads “Sleep in Heavenly Fleece”. I would love to hook it. Thanks.

    Ann E. Ashcraft

  7. I do hope the black cloud is gone!
    So many wonderful rugs. Thanks for sharing.

  8. the rugs are lovely!


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