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So, I have mentioned we are decluttering, deep cleaning, painting and redecorating – the house is 12 years old now and it needs some work and a bit of freshening up. Last week we finished working on my dye kitchen/laundry room/washroom. Put in a new, higher self cleaning toilet! Yes, you read right – the box and the man at the store insisted that these toilets clean themselves. A hand pops up out of the hole in the bottom and scrubs daily! Well, much as I love the look of the toilet and the fact that it is higher I have discovered THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SELF CLEANING TOILET! 🙂 . During the process of redoing that multi-purpose room we had to pull out the washer and dryer (which I have to admit, because they are stacking and extremely heavy and awkward, had not probably been moved out since they were installed!). We all know how much dust and wool fluff erupt from the dryer whenever we wash and dry a load of wool – well, suffice to say, it was rather fluffy behind the machines but I diligently scrubbed, windexed, vimmed and painted and it was spotless. Machines looked brand new. Before pushing them back into the corner we decided it MIGHT be a good idea to make sure there were no leaks and that everything worked well as we had to change some plumbing. Although there is a wonderful old picture of my dear hubby at the age of about 2 with his arms in the toilet – HE IS NOT A PLUMBER! OR ELECTRICIAN! Well, the cold load of laundry came out hot (so after 3 tries we finally got those taps and hoses connected properly) and hmmmmm, NO HEAT IN THE DRYER! It worked BUT NO HEAT! And a dryer with NO HEAT is not a dryer – it is just a very costly piece of metal! After much trying we realized we could not open the machine – probably it was a thermostat or a coil which just needed changing but to do that you need to be able to get INSIDE! So in the end we called the Maytag repairman. Remember the commercials – well our guy came in and in 5 minutes realized there was nothing wrong with the machine – in moving the machine it appears we may have pulled it out a little too far and disconnected wires in the back in the wall and zip it was fixed. Can I say that I LOVE MY MAYTAG REPAIRMAN – yesssss. Instead of costing me biggggg $$$ for new thermostat or coil or entire new machine (because if the circuit board is gone they don’t fix! – by the way what is a circuit board doing in a dryer???) and of course, if that had happened, a new washer because they don’t stack the same way when you replace one machine, it cost me a minimal service fee.  I was definitely dancing after he left! and still am!!!! Actually got to dye wool again yesterday! So what was the message in all of this – DON’T CLEAN! Leave things ALONE! much cheaper and less stressful 🙂 .

Gord would be the little curly top on the right probably stuffing toilet tissue DOWN the hole…

My friend Andrea has a set of Cheticamp Gears and plans for sale.  Normally these sell for $99.95.  Andrea would like $55.00 for them.  If you are interested you can contact her at

And what am I up to??? Well, in between hooking Ruby’s rug I am working on a miniature punch needle to go on the front of this antique thread holder. I have had this piece for a number of years – it has original red and dull green painted carved scallops and is lovely. I finally decided to cover the area in the front where a piece obviously went missing with a punch needle piece…


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  1. Yes cleaning is over rated for sure. We live in an old farm house and I am always saying, ” this is an old farm house, not fancy, ” to explain that housework is low on my set of priorities. yup, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Love Weezie

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  2. Your blog always make me smile and brightens my day.

  3. I was going to start by saying – with respect to Gord, what man ever knew anything about cleaning a toilet….but then, there’s Gord getting right in there, getting up close and personal with a toilet! Good man! Congratulations of your successful cleaning.

  4. Sharon Rapoport

    Great post!

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  5. Deep Breath!
    I envy you your prowess!

  6. So funny – made me laugh! Thanks!

  7. Loretta, you are too funny!!! We have owned 8, going on (9, a new summer home) and can certainly commiserate with you! In fact we moved into a brand new build in 2002 in Shenandoah Valley, VA, (almost West Virginia, John Denver) we bought all of our appliances ourselves, and they were delivered about 3-4 months before our closing date..(tell you something?) A few days after our warranty was up, my washer bit the dust (wet wash load)!! I called every repair person in the Valley and was in tears, not one would work on a front load washer!! One of them them finally gave me a name..would you believe, what was wrong?! Mother board! Blew up, totally fried!! I’m saying, what are you talking about?! The guy worked it out withMaytag and we didn’t have to pay anything!



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