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Yesterday another group of lovely hookers joined me to put together their purses. No deer to entertain us this time but my 3 cats were definitely hanging around – in fact Lucky tried to climb into a bag where he spied a few balls of valdani thread – his passion!!! Even when the bag was firmly closed he was still tentatively trying to insert his paw into the tote to nab a ball – which he usually unwinds throughout the entire house after chewing on it! Thankfully, none were lost to his jaws or paws!

The purses were wonderful – Shelagh actually sewed the body of her bag out of a recycled suede skirt! And Bev’s purse (the one at the front) incorporated amazing stitching. All the fronds were done in a chain stitch.

Mary send me a picture of her beautiful finished bench pad…

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  1. Lovely purses, and all so different. The class sounds like a lot of fun. . And that gorgeous bench pad !

    Lucky has good taste in toys.

  2. beautiful! Love them all!!!! Nancy

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  3. Joan Shouldice

    Hope that bench pad is going into the theme exhibit at the Annual. What are those fish swimming in?? Why Waterways of course.

  4. Lorraine Beauregard-Murphy

    Thanks Loretta for your ongoing communications.


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