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The Fibre festival in Peterborough was wonderful. Busy from the minute the doors opened (well even a tad before that) until well after lunch with a short break in the action while everyone gathered their energy for more shopping! We had a wonderful time chatting with people we had not seen in a while or had not met in person before. What fun to put a face to an email name! So we, or rather Gord!,  took pix of a few of the vendors (there were MANY MORE) to share…

And a few rugs and punch needle pieces to share…

Joan sent me a picture of her Barn Scene – her first piece!!! Beautifully done… Now she is working on a companion piece – Sheep Farm which I have listed as a kit in my online store…

Janice’s lovely pillow finished with silk backing!…
Jane’s sweet little bunny punch needle…


and me – wellll I am working on a piece, based on a painting by John Sims, of the Crossroads (Glengarry Pioneer Museum). When Ruby passed away her family asked if I would finish hooking the piece that she had started hooking with the intention that it be donated in Ruby’s memory to the museum. I said I would love to and then realized how BIG the piece is and that I had to live up to Ruby’s beautiful hooking standards – Yikes. Well this is where I started – what Ruby had already completed –  and we will see, as I go along, how well I do (or don’t do 🙂 )… 

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  1. Terry Sweitzer

    The cross roads will be beautiful and I’m sure Ruby will be sending you good and encouraging thoughts through the whole process.

    So good of you to do this.

    Terry Sweitzer

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  2. Cross Roads will be an amazing piece when finished. Very kind and generous of you Loretta! It will be admired and appreciated I am very certain!!!

  3. It was a wonderful day!

    So happy to have met you (along with my friend who’d already visited you in Westport and owns many of your kits!).

    As your class schedule is so busy and in many cases, full, I will take you up on your offer and pop over from Smiths Falls to visit you in Westport this spring/summer.

    All the best



  4. Vintage Green handbags- do you have email for this vendor ?

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