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Well nowhere actually :-). Busy painting another room and wow, getting rid of more “stuff” – I am in a clearing out mood! Gord – BEWARE!

Actually, I have been drawing patterns and dyeing wool and getting ready for Peterborough next Saturday because after that wow, things get busy – Moira Matmakers Hookin in Belleville in April, OHCG Annual Rug Show in Ottawa in May and lots more! With a few classes thrown in there as well! But I did take a little break this week as we had company – finished hooking and binding a piece for a friend whose mother was a hooker who hmmm, didn’t finish a lot of pieces. Sooooo I offered to finish hooking and binding one but YIKES number 3 cut! It has been 20 years since I hooked with a number 3 = and now I remember why it has been so long 🙂 . But it did get finished and it did not kill me!

Plus I worked on 2 centrepieces for the Annual Rug Show and hmmm I must have done something else??? However, if I have not wellll others certainly have, so here are a few lovely rugs and punch needle pieces for show and tell…

Diane finished this punch needle and attached it to an antique spoon…

Tanya finished hooking her lovely rug and is now just waiting for wool to show bind it…Louise finished hooking another Tea cosy – her own design. These are soooo lovely…
Linda finished two sweet punch needle pieces… Helen finished the top punch needle piece while she was here (one of the designs I carry by A Piece of work)… The bottom one she started punching yesterday – her own design which I will be carrying as I love it – reminds me of when we went to Skye…
and while Helen was here I showed her how to dye yarn and she did all these – are they not yummy?…

and of course while we had company we HAD to do a little junkin! So yesterday after a stressful dentist appointment we relieved the stress with a trip to Gallery 15 in Smiths Falls and Hoffman’s in Perth. Helen’s fabulous finds!…

And mine… a vintage shaving mirror and some lovely Eastlake frames (won’t be keeping those pictures 🙂 )…

and someone else was busy!!! As we were coming home last week I noticed 2 ice fisherman out on the lake catching nothing while just around the corner this little guy was chowing down on his catch of the day… wish I knew how to zoom in with an iPhone!!!!

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  1. To zoom on an iPhone…go to camera and use two fingers on the middle of your screen and spread your fingers apart until the subject is big enough…. but the bigger it gets the more susceptible it is to hand shake and focus is not quite as sharp… but then mine is a 5. So it’s old!
    Omigosh what a beautiful collection of rugs… the punch needle in the spoon has given me ideas for a wooden scoop and a wooden grain shovel ( all wood) that I have….and I spotted a drawer in your ” junkin’ ” …just like mine!
    And you know what ideas do….oh boy… more projects…Marjorie is right…I won’t live long enough to complete them all! Lol…sure am going to have fun trying!

  2. Hi, I thought I’d just check with you to see if Jeannie Reynolds and I are still on a list for a class on the purses? Thanks, Sue Fournier


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