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I will be back on Tuesday the 9th from 10 – 12 at the store. Hopefully the weather cooperates and some of you can join me.

This arctic cold snap has been hard on so many – human and animals alike! However, my deer have been getting a wonderfully mixed diet of corn and grain and molasses but also bananas, grapes, cabbage, brussel sprouts, carrots and turnip peels. They love it all!!!! Of course, the corn and molasses mix wins out over the fruit and veg, but everything manages to disappear quickly. Even stale bread! and hmmmm the occasional Christmas cookie… The other night we had a new visitor that we have not had in a long time – a lovely little fox right outside the front door sniffing for scraps – wellllll, of course, there was nothing left on the ground sooooo we decided she needed a few cold cuts! Noone can say my animals are underfed – in fact! they are positively chubby!…

And now a few rugs to share:

Susan finished hooking her Yard of Village…

Roxann is one SPEEDY HOOKER… she just finished this wonderful Karla Gerard pattern and now is on to the next two…

Wendy’s lovely Waterloo County Crow… Lorraine’s finished Cat’s Paws…

and Elaine finished In the Jungle (one of my designs) – as she said – a rare white faced lion…

I have a few new rug patterns available which soon will be added to the online store. These are based on the drawings of Jane MacMillan…

Fox Lookout…Two Sheep…

Sheep in the Snow…

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  1. K. Lesley Scott

    I love the two new sheep patterns. They will be fun to hook.

  2. Love your furry visitor updates. Always entertaining. And your new patterns.

  3. Danyelle Lauzé

    I am in love with the fox !! ❤️

  4. Thanks Loretta! Don’t let those animals get fat!! 😇

  5. wonderful rugs. My mother use to toss out dog food sandwiches to a fox that came in the winter. I know it is not good for them but when they are trying to get through the snow and they are thin it is hard to no do it.

  6. These are wonderful pieces. The new patterns are great.
    Being the slowest hooker in the hemisphere I am two blocks away to finish my larger rug.

  7. Love the new patterns!!! Will you have them at Peterborough?


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