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No not from Vermont – these are pix others have sent me of some of their work…

Helen’s beautiful punched snowflake ornies (hope I get one of these hint hint!)…

Jill bought one of the fish bones made out of wood and converted it into her Charlie Brown tree…  

and bought this amazing rug at a local antique store in Kingston…

Last year I finished off this stocking (one of my Shelly Atkinson designs) for Debbie who had hooked it (her first hooked piece).  I just put it together for her.  Wellllll, this year her daughter is getting her stocking which I put together on Friday after Debbie finished hooking it… 


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  1. very fun pieces.
    Great stocking.

  2. I love the fish bones Christmas tree! Very imaginative!



  3. OOh! Loretta, opening your blog post is like getting a Christmas present everyday. The Patti Yoder Exhibit was spectacular! thank you for sharing. I hope you and Gord have a very merry . Fleece Navidad


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