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So the Karla patterns are finally listed – please email me if you are interested in any of these patterns. I think they would hook up fairly quickly (maybe in time for the holidays) especially in the smaller version 19 x 16 approximately and could be done in a mix of 6 and 8. Here they are again but you can find them in the online store along with the sizes and prices…

Red Shed

Wreath House

December Day

Yesterday Sandi and I went Junkin’ in Almonte (oh shhhhh I should not share that location 🙂 )… We got one heck of a haul. The last time I went with Diane I we spied this little shelf type thing in the corner but hmmm it was a bit more than I wanted to pay. WELLLLLL, it had been haunting me for weeks and sooooo of course, I went back and it was still there hidden behind the linens Diane had draped over it last time. When I picked it up I realized (of course this time I read the tag) that it was an old hand made wooden grain scoop with 2 handles – one for each hand. It has wonderful old red patinated colour and yup you guessed it – I bargained it down to a price I was comfortable with and it is now awaiting a hooked or punched piece and up on the wall it will go. I also got a wonderful old 3 tiered shelf painted in dirty old cranberry and teal paint and I know exactly where that will go – AFTER – Gord gets back and washes both pieces down. So here is a picture of our haul (Sandi bought way more than I did 🙂 )…

and now a picture of Anne’s amazing (and huge) rug…

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  1. Karen Massingham

    Anne’s rug is gorgeous!! It is a treasure.

  2. Love the patterns- have purses to finish first! Looks like a great haul !

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  3. WOW! Love your haul! Why is it when I go all I find is Welches jelly jars? You really have an eye for just the right things. Perhaps more practice is needed, and more digging, LOL.

  4. Love seeing your ‘Junkin” finds.

  5. Wow…love Anne’s rug! You ladies sure know how to junk! Can’t wait to see them all done up.

  6. Love your finds! great job. The patterns are sweet too but right now I have way to many patterns ahead of me.


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