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sounds like a scary movie!!! but oh thank God, somehow, once again, I clicked on a button (or should that be icon) I did not recognize and got my dashboard back! with allllll the usual icons! Yeahhhhh… so send in all your pix of your rugs – I know how to post them 🙂 . Of course I did lose alllll my bookmarks for all my favourite blogs and rughooking and art sites but I guess that is called “extreme house keeping”! anddddd  I have found new ones 🙂 to replace them!

We had company this weekend so we decided to head down to the Mulberry Waldorf School’s annual Holiday craft show on Friday night – it was lovely. We were almost the first ones there so it was not crowded and parking was great and we got to buy and eat before the real crowds arrived! I found an amazing potter – Amy Doole – and bought a beautiful teal nubby mug and a little star – which when we returned home and I was almost asleep I realized I did NOT REMEMBER UNPACKING. Searched the house, searched the car and nope it was not there! Turns out Gord had left it while he was eating all the goodies at the granola vendor’s booth! But we were able to retrieve the mug by emailing a few of the vendors and luckily our neighbour, who was vending, was able to bring it home and yeah, I had my first cuppa in it yesterday afternoon!

Helen and I then spent Saturday finishing off some punch needle pieces (yes I do still hook 🙂 )… So it was a wonderful (and productive) weekend…

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  1. Hooray! Glad to hear you were able to retrieve most of your desktop. Items, sorry about the bookmarks. I love the house on the hill project!

    It was three weeks ago that I had a shoulder replacement and I am going to attempt to complete my first needle punch project that I started before the surgery. I think I may be able to do work at it a few minutes at a time. Can’t wait to finish this project so I can start my first rug hooking project.


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