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The hookin was wonderful – we left at 6:15 when it was dark and windy and rainy and REALLY miserable – but by the time we arrived in Cobourg for cheapy breakfast at Wimpy’s the sun was breaking through and it turned out to be a beautiful day. Which meant the hookers came out in DROVES! I think the estimate was close to 100 attendees plus vendors. A big thank you to the ladies in the Cobourg group for hosting this event… Gord did take some pretty good pix so here we go…

In addition, Joan sent me a picture of Karla Gerard pattern she hooked for her granddaughter…and Mary sent me a picture of her completed Canola beaver…Hope you enjoyed the show! See some of you on Thursday…

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  1. Wow- pictures are beautiful- wonder if the beaver pattern is Karen Lediard’s design? Thanks-will send you a picture of an actual moose on the loose that was in our yard!

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  2. Wonderful collection of rugs!!

  3. Wonderful treat! Loved the Carmichael MIRROR LAKE! Photographic.

  4. The schnauzer rug has stolen my heart. Gorgeous creations every one.

  5. Some clearly stunning pieces depicted. Gord is a trooper!! Loretta you are wonderful at sharing all things beautifully hooked. All the best to you always!

  6. Thanks for the show!

  7. Many thanks to you and especially to Gord for sharing with us so far away (New Hampshire)


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