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Was amazing – busy busy busy with wonderful vendors. However, so busy that neither Gord nor I got a moment to go and take pix of the other vendors’ booths OR SPEND ANY MONEY 😦 . How sad!

Last week I added to the growing list of wonderful items to attach punch needle pieces to(yes I know that is bad grammar! but so much easier!!!). Primitive hornbooks made by my friend Vince. These can be stained or painted and distressed and then either a punch needle piece or small hooked rug can be attached.  They measure approximately 8 x 6 inches in the centre and are made either of reclaimed cedar or pine  – if you are interested give me a shout.  

Linda emailed me yesterday with a frame for sale:

“I bought it a few years ago in Mahone Bay – made by B & W Wood Craftings. It is a floor model with a hexagon Frame 16 in in the middle and gripper strips. I paid $400.00 and would like to sell it for $100.00. If anyone is interested, they could email me at or call 613 353 6106.”

and now a few pictures to share:

Jane hooked my Punkins kit and added her own wonderfully primitive look to it…

Karen started this punch needle piece in my class on Saturday and had it finished by Monday… (could it be that she is hooked – or is that punched?)…

Alexandra finished her lovely rug in honour of her Fur-kid…

And Elizabeth sent me a picture of her stunning ULTRA WIDE CUT(TORN) Van Gogh from a class she took with Karen Kaiser…




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  1. Margaret Mitchell

    I really enjoy your posts, Loretta. It is great to see the beautiful work people are doing, and fun to follow your adventures.

  2. Speaking of Van Gogh rugs….how is yours coming along, Loretta? I have looked at mine several times and thought about it…but have not touched it since Carol’s class!
    It is intimidating me!
    This one by Elizabeth is lovely! I love all the colours and how they work so well together….I may be able to hook adequately but I suspect that my colour choices are not as accomplished!

  3. Just love the Van Gogh …the wide cut is WONDERUL!!!!

  4. Love Elizabeth’s hair style and the big smile!! And the rug the rug 👌. M

  5. Love the Van Gogh … Enjoyed our chat at Woodstock. Busy, Busy place!

  6. Santa is so sweet and the Van Gogh — wow!


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