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Is over for another year – what a wonderful show. I have been doing Fibrefest as a vendor for many years – in fact since the days it was in the Agricultural Centre and hosted about 10 vendors. Now we have tons of vendors and take up the entire arena and every year more and more new vendors with wonderful products join the show. There is always a wonderful exhibit at the Textile Museum running concurrent with the vending show and this year for the first time workshops were added on Friday(and during the weekend). I am sooooo happy to be part of this show and if you are anywhere close enough to attend I encourage you to come next year. Some people came back 3 DAYS IN A ROW! and I am sure left with bags full every time. I know I BOUGHT some wonderful things (when I could steal away from my booth and leave Gord in charge). So a few pictures to share with you. Of course we could not get alllll the booths (I believe there were over 40 vendors) and some pix were a little hmmm fuzzy (good in fibre – not good in pix!)… I do know who some of the vendors were in our pix but sorry – not all…

Carol of Willow Creek Rughooking…
Deborah Lyall of Lyalls Art and…
My students with their almost finished Quillie trees… oh yup that would be my booth… John makes wonderful wood turned tools for knitting… Linda Prior Hobbs with her beautiful wool appliqué…

Cathy of Baa Baa Bundles booth…

Oh and a strange pair we spied on our way in on Sunday – bald eagle and crow (I think they were both after the poor dead little critter on the highway!)…


Elaine shared her wonderful rug – Tiger -Tiger Lily designed by Judy Kielczewski for her course at Trent Rug Hooking School in Peterborough…

Weather these days is wonderful for those of us way up north – I soooo feel for all those dealing with horrific hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados and forest fires – you are in our thoughts and prayers folks and hopefully this will all end soon.

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  1. Thanks for my “quillies” instruction!

  2. Hi Loretta,

    I heard from our neighbors this morning, everyone got through the night, and they have checked yards, our big river birch is leaning, but they said they can take care of that. They have no electric, but everyone is safe! So glad to hear.


  3. P.s. Great Tiger-Tiger Lily!!


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