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WELL, my day is off to a fabulous start!  Woke up at 3:30 unable to sleep so tried to read myself back to sleep – that did not work. Went down to the dock, coffee cup in hand, to be greeted by fog and cold and wet! Did that wake me up – nope! But banging a cabinet door into my lip and creating a hole on the outside and inside sure did!!!!! How could that happen you ask – well not enough sleep or caffeine and not paying attention to where my face was as I opened the bottom door of my cabinet and a nice sharp corner smacked me in the face. Once I saw the hole and blood and the swelling lip (no collagen or botox required) I rushed to the freezer to find an icepack – NOTHING SMALL IN THE FREEZER. Did not feel like slapping a roast on my lip so the smallest item in the freezer was a package of bacon. Slapped that on the lip and now hopefully at least it won’t be too swollen or black and blue for Fibrefest! Although I do love colour! 🙂

On the other hand, what a wonderful surprise in my in basket. Wendo bought a set of fishbones from me and did this amazing fish – love love love it… could that be a class you ask!!!!…

Next week I will be back at Stitch by Stitch – Tuesday from 10 – 12. Hope to see some of you there or at Fibrefest…

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  1. Really cute and i am seeing mire and more if these. What is being used for the ribs?

  2. Oh Loretta, sorry to hear about your accident, but you do know how to tell a story. Lol. Blame it on the full moon – feel better soon. I love the fish bones. Is that a pattern you sell?

  3. Oh dear. I think you just wanted an exciting story to Tell!😜🥇 neat fish bones.

    Krystyne King

  4. Linda miller nesbitt

    Sorry to hear about your nocturnal adventures 🤕😓😔
    Always appreciate your sense of humour !@

  5. Oh my, I think the fish is going to go on my to do list for my son.

  6. Love Love Love the bright colours of the fish!!!! YES could it be a class???????????? Definitely!
    Hugs to you and your unbotox face:)

  7. Sorry about your fat lip?! Hope it’s better! We are fleeing from the approach of Irma! Spending the night in SC on our way to VA to stay with friends! Pray we have a home to go back to! Funky fish!

  8. OMG!!! Loretta do take care of yourself!! I totally get the whole night without sleep thing! Sadly. The felted fish is a wonderful gift!!

  9. Oh my, I’m sorry for your mishap but you made me laugh out loud re the roast on your lip. I hope you feel better. I love reading your blogs.

  10. Ouch that must hurt. Sent from my iPad


  11. Sorry about the lip! Those sleepless night can be brutal – it’s amazing how much company we have, but don’t know about 😄 Awesome fish from Wendo!!

  12. Loretta,,,
    Oh my! Hope its better! What a time,,,
    Love ur writings!
    You make me laugh!
    Yikes! Stay well,,,,
    Do u carry weavers cloth!?
    Gettjng panicky , might not have enough for the class next weekend,,,
    Elaine allerton,,,

  13. Really enjoyed the class yesterday Loretta. Looking forward to making more punch Needle projects. Looking at your website I think I need to do a hooked Fish scales project. Do you have the project with you at Fibre Fest?



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