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Sue sent me pictures of her rug based on an antique ships figurehead – as Sue says “I loved the energy between the hands, like two magnets about to pull each other together.”

She turned out wonderfully aged and was approved by her kitty…

Sandi’s lovely mosaic glass piece and her Canadiana rug – a compilation of memories of childhood spent on the lake and the tall ships sailing past her home recently…

And although I am not a big, big floral rug hooker I LOVE this antique rug which my sister bought recently for peanuts.  I don’t know the exact era of the rug but she also got the hand drawn pattern on paper and I am thinking it would be exciting to offer this as a pattern. Size is big! about 7 x 4 feet. I can easily imagine this rug in hand torn wide strips – the original has old stockings and long johns and various non wool fabrics hooked into it.  Needs a few repairs but is still a beautiful rug which I think deserves to be continued.  The hand drawn paper pattern (pieced together and revised many times) is amazing!!!  How exciting to get not only the original rug but the pattern as well.


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  1. Amazing vintage rug! I agree, what a find with the pattern.

  2. I can see doing this rug with prim colours and wide cut and it would be amazing.

  3. I LOVE this vintage rug!!!!!!!! The border is fantastic really grounds the rug. So great to have the pattern as well as the original.

  4. Wow! What a gorgeous find!


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