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I am so excited to announce that this year, for the first time, Fibrefest in Almonte is introducing workshops.  If you go to the website (just google Fibrefest in Almonte Ontario) you will see under workshops the list of teachers for 2017 and YES I am one of them!  I will be teaching two small workshops – Quillie Trees and Miniature Punch needle.  If you click on the workshops you can see details and cost. Unfortunately, pix have not yet been posted – these should be on the website shortly for all the workshops. In the meantime, I thought I would announce the workshops – my own and all the others, and post a few examples of my own workshops. So here they are – should you be interested in taking any of the many interesting workshops, please go to the website and register as soon as possible:

Miniature Punch Needle…


Quillie Trees…

And now for a few more pictures of work by others…

Tara completed my Midnight Beaver kit – he turned out so well…

and Meryl’s first (and bigggg) punch needle piece (one of my bigger Karla Gerard patterns)…

and my most recent tiny punch needle piece finished and attached to another vintage nail box (this pattern is by Primitive Spirit – Karen Kahle – and is available on her etsy site as a pdf paper pattern for both punch needle and rughooking!)…



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