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Was such fun! 25 ladies (and Ted!) joined Wendo and me (and of course GORD – chief cook, bottle washer, server and car caddy) for a day of punching upstairs and needlefelting Lamb Chop downstairs. The weather turned out to be perfect for sitting on the porch or inside. Thank you ladies for joining us and making the day such fun… A few pix of the days events…

Punching on the porch…

and in the living room…

Supplies got rather depleted…
Felting in the basement…and finally finished lambchops…

If anyone is looking for a cutter, Karen has the following Fraser 500 for sale with a number 4 blade – all in working condition – for 250.00.  If you are interested email me and I can put you in touch with Karen…

Just a quick note that I will not be back to Stitch by Stitch until September 12.


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  1. Wow, lots of people for your two workshops! Obviously a need. Love those sheep heads.


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