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WAS FABULOUS!  Mother Nature cooperated by giving us a wonderful warm (but not toooooo warm), breezy, sunny day – one of the few so far this summer.  We had a fun day with almost 70 attendees hooking, punching and appliquéing. Well and chatting, visiting, eating! However!!!!! one shocking moment in the day was when we were visited by the police! WERE WE BEING TOO NOISY OR DID WORD GET OUT THAT THERE WERE A BUNCH OF HOOKERS IN TOWN AND WE WERE BEING RAIDED! Nope, just our local friendly police force (husband of one of our crazy hookers) and his partner checking in (or was that on). The looks on the faces of those who did not know our friendly officer(s) of the law was to die for!!!! 

I want to take this opportunity to thank ALLLLLL our wonderful door prize donors, our friends who helped in the kitchen and with setup and cleanup and all our attendees for making this such a fabulous fun day. We raised a good chunk of money for our local charitable organizations through door tickets, silent auction and the 50/50 draw.  THANK YOU TO EVERYONE…

One of our attendees left behind a lovely black chair outside on the patio – please give me a shout if it is yours!

Although we were so busy we did not get a chance to take pictures, I do have a couple of pix that were sent to me recently to share…

Jane hooked this wonderful replica of a Canadian Maple syrup can…
The ladies in Martintown did this lovely tribute to Canada’s 150th…

Dayna brought her Under the Sea rug which is going to be lovely – she is planning on embellishing with shells and beads…

Donna’s version of my Fish Tych pattern – that water is almost electric!…

Trish’s lovely version of Sharon Smith’s Poppies…

Have I mentioned my favourite colour is green – good thing because this lovely fellow has been eating allllllll the buds off my flowers so I have greenery greenery greenery… Now if I could just train him to eat weeds only we would be alllll set…

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  1. Nancy Crapper

    So glad you had a lovely day. I SOOOOOOO wish it was another day. That first week of July is always busy. Have you set the date for 2018 yet?????? Nancy

    Sent from Nancy’s iPad


  2. Hi Loretta,
    Just checking- how long does it take to get to your place from Perth? Looking forward to the workshop on Monday!

  3. Thanks for such a great get together…and the weather was so good to us. Thank you for all that you do.

  4. Joanna Turchin

    Thank you ladies for a wonderful day! It was worth the drive to Westport! regards – Joanna from Ancaster


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