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Is that a word – probably not, but it’s my version of having to try to find new homes for a few rugs.  A potentially long family crisis means that Gord has been away for most of the last 5 weeks which means I have been experiencing WORK THERAPY! My house is finally becoming clean and decluttered with many bags of things I have held onto for far toooooo long (like size 6 clothing 🙂 ) heading for the thrift store. However, during that process I also discovered I have wayyyyyy tooo may rugs! In an effort to find a reason to hook NEW RUGS I have decided I need to divest myself of some of the existing ones so if anything is of interest let me know and I can give you more details…

Tuesday is our Westport hookin and I am so excited to see faces I have not seen in a long time and to view new pieces being worked on. This is always a fun and inspiring day. Hopefully the weather will cooperate as we have room indoors for many of our attendees but also lots of room outdoors on the porches and lawn overlooking the beach. There should be a wonderful breeze blowing in off the lake. Hope to see some of you there…

and HAPPY CANADA DAY. Our 150th birthday – a day to be proud and celebrate our amazing country!

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  1. Beautiful pieces! It must be so hard to part with them! How much would you charge for the snowman and the flying geese piece?

    • haha. i kept all the ones i love love love!!!!

      so did you mean the little stuffed snowman – he is 3 d and actually there is a little stuffed tree that he stands beside. he is 9 x 6 and actually darker than in the picture. he is actually darker grey and lighter grey and white. a tad more prim and he would be 50 (which is what i charge for the kit to hook him!)… the canada goose rug is 14 x 27 app and would be 275.00.

      hope you are having a great weekend…loretta >

    • Hi Loretta,

      Do you still have the flying geese ? If so what size
      And price? I think I will leave the grey cat.

      Karen j Ho

  2. I could have an interest in “Harvest Good things and the sailing ship. Please send particulars. Thank you

  3. One more, the three pumpkin rug, too 😃!

  4. Louise Powers

    Hi Loretta: What are you asking for the fish tryptic ( didn’t spell that right I think)?

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  5. So many wonderful rugs!!!
    Happy Canada Day. Happy 150th 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  6. Tom Saunders

    So many wonderful choices.


  7. Loretta, wow, what treasures. What would it take to let the grey tabby cat rug in the middle find its way down to north Florida?

  8. Interested in the dimensions and asking prices of the following rugs
    Eeo green pumpkins

    Put fe gray cat on striped rug

    Thanks Karen

  9. Lorraine Pammett

    Loretta, I’ve been talking to Barb About the chick rug and told her I wished I had inquired about the fish trio, so to put my mind at rest…. is it still available and the price please. I know I could do it but to have a piece of your work would mean a lot. I hope Gord has been able to spend more time at home with you. Hurry up Thurs it is always a fun time! Wonder if there is a rain date? Im hoping nothing will keep you away! 3 more sleeps, see you soon. Lorraine

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