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For those of you who hook with a lot of yarns in your rugs you KNOW how frustrating it is when they get caught in your gripper strips and pulled out when you move your pattern around!!! A lot of unintentional reverse hooking. Well a little tip that may help solve that problem! Go to your local grocery store and buy some “press and seal” (made by Glad). Press it on the back of the rug where you have hooked with yarns (not with an iron 🙂 – just with your hands). Apparently, it still sticks well to the back of the hooked area and the gripper strips will still hold your rug but when removing your rug to move it around to hook other areas the yarns do not pull out!  Now I have not tried it yet but what a simple and wonderful solution to a pain in the neck problem!

Jocelyn’s rug cameo of her and her husband – I love the way the braided edge mimics the border around the cameos…

Tara’s latest rug of her doggy on the dock – hard to believe she just started hooking a few months ago!…

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  1. I have used press and seal. It absolutely works!

  2. Sheilamary Boydell

    Thank you for the tip about the press and seal for my rugs…had stopped hooking some rugs because my frame kept yanking out swaths of fabrics and yarn…

    Sheila Boydell


  3. That’s a great tip about the press and seal because the grippers are a pain- literally. Just starting your fish tryptic- didn’t get to work on it this winter. Need a map !

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Thanks for the Glad wrap tip, I will definitely try it. We are starting to get ready for our big summer sojourn up north! May try to get up to see you. Or ant plans of yours bringing you to NE anywhere?


  5. Jocelyn did a great job, I saw it a few weeks ago, I new it was her and her husband immediately !


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