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Helen and I played this weekend – it was so satisfying and so much fun and I think pretty darned creative.  We finished of our piles of punch needle pieces. Hope you enjoy the pix… (by the way some of these pieces are for sale! so if you are interested let me know – and we are Canadian dollars)…

a wonderful vintage frame I recently bought from Wendy… 

and a wonderful tramp art frame also from Wendy!!!…

Vintage wooden purse handles…

mounted on an antique candle box (no lid but great for keys, mail etc. and comes with some mouse chew 🙂 …

vintage hand made metal scoop… still missing greenery on the handle and above the snowman…

lovely bowl filler or hanging stuffy or pin cushion…


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  1. Liz from Seeley's Bay

    wow, these are all lovely, and I like the variety of ‘frames’. Maybe I am going to have try HARDER to try to master this punch needle thing….you guys are FAST!

  2. I am starting back tomorrow. Passed my 6 week check up last week. Still must use a walker though. See you tomorrow.

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  3. That’s a lot of finishes. ALL wonderful!

  4. Danyelle Lauze

    Very nice !!! A lot of good ideas! Did you use silicone for the ones that are framed?

  5. Wow, you two had a very good weekend!

  6. Tom Saunders

    You do realize there is a law against having so much fun!!!

  7. Love all the creativity! All the unique ways of displaying finished punch needle, so wonderful! Thank you for all the inspiration!


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