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was lovely! A nice selection of rugs and punch needle done by the St. Henri rughookers. There was a wonderful presentation by Jacques and Isabelle on Friday night – a couple who are passionate about their rughooking and up cycling of old clothing into beautiful art… Hope you enjoy the pictures. Unfortunately, I realized afterwards as I looked through them that hmmmm we missed a few!!!! and some of the name tags are a tad illegible…

Marie-Andree Vezina – The Sampler

Maureen Rowe – original – The order of Oak Leaves

Sylvie Vezina – original – La Plume

Chris Delaney – adaptation of painting Dayna Craig – original – Place St-Henri

Marie-Andre Vezina – Primitive Grace – Fleurs et Feuilles

Sylvie Vezina – original – Vase et Fleurs

Sylvie Vezina – Jardin d’ete

Sylvie Vezina – original – L’arbre de Vie

Sylvie Vezina – Primitive Spirit – Le Jardin

Sylvie Vezina – Design by Crows Foot Farm Designs LLC

Sylvie Vezina – original – Le Geranium

Chris Delaney – Karla Gerard – Blooming Circles 

Marie-Andree Vezina – Maggie Bonanomi – Chardon sous La Lune

Sylvie Vezina – original – La Dame en Noir

Rosemary Sylvestre – Deanne Fitzpatrick – Dancing in Circles

Chris Delaney – Karla Gerard – 3 Blooms

Sylvie Vezina – original – La Dame du Coeur

Sylvie Vezina – Les Danseuses

Joanne Touchette – original made from children old clothing

Challenge pieces

Sylvie Vezina – original – Le joyeux Lapin

Dayna Craig – original – Sunflowers at Sunset

Chris Delaney – original – Harley

Chris Delaney – original – Inukshuk

Yanick Duchesne – Kathleen Menzies – La Petite Maison Jaune

Sylvie Vezina-Godin – original – Le Zoo

Sylvie Vezina – Wendo Van Essen – Thought,Memory

Kathleen Menzies – original – Jacobean Garden

Jacques and Isabelle displaying their wonderful rugs – each with an amazing story that occasionally brought tears to the eye of many…


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  1. Do you sell punch needles and please tell me how much they are? I enjoy your website very much and look forward to your reply, Linda Hope

  2. elaine allerton

    Great pics loretta,,,, your site us always great inspiration,,, thanks ,,,,,,

  3. Oh, my goodness! So many surprises from folks who are profusive enough to have their own galleries! Once again thanks so much Lotetta for giving us a keyhole into more
    outstanding work.

  4. Patricia Sharrer

    I just want to let you know that your blog is by far the MOST interesting rug hooking blog that I’ve ever read! I love it, and so enjoy looking at all the pictures of people’s rugs and other hooking items. My sister lives in Ottawa, and does not hook, although she is a watercolor artist, so I enjoy that Canadian connection as well with your blog. Thank you for all the effort you put into your blog. I really appreciate it! Well done!

  5. What super wonderful creative works of art… love them all.. I have looked at this book several times but did not realize the story behind the book… it was great to discover this story and seenthe photos too… how very fortunate for ypunall to meet such a super wonderful person andmher art… very Happy For You All… hugs to everyone…


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