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Had a fun, fun day at Stitch by Stitch on Tuesday – there was a lot of hooking and punching and chatting going on.  So nice to see so many familiar and NEW faces!!!! My next morning at the shop will be June 13.

Today we are off to Montreal for the rug exposition hosted by the St. Henri Rughookers. I hope to have some wonderful pix to share of the rugs on display. And tomorrow I am teaching Canolas in Beaconsfield – cannot wait to see what designs these creative ladies come up with.

Sunday is Mother’s Day – to all of you mothers out there – have a wonderful day hopefully full of fun with family and some sunshine and wow maybe even a few creative moments.

The other night I woke up early – seems to be earlier and earlier all the time. As I sat in the living room sipping on my Tim Hortons decaf all of a sudden I heard grind grind gnaw gnaw chomp chomp! OH NOOOOOOOO – THE DREADED PORCUPINE WAS BACK! Turning my wooden house into kindling!!!! She has come back every year for a few weeks of chowing down on my front steps – we have turned them and sprayed them with smelly stuff to keep her away and what does she do – start gnawing on the back of the treads! so we put up chicken wire all around the back of the stairs and what did she do – ate through the darned chicken wire and chomped on the back of the stairs. Wellll, out I ran in my pj’s and started jumping up and down on the porch – now this is 4 a.m.  Still dark, freezing cold and I look like a lunatic jumping up and down on the porch and screaming at the porcupine!  WELLLLL waddle waddle – out she pops from the pond! Do porky’s swim???? she must have been having a drink but there was also a biggggg racket under the porch!!!  TWO PORKYS! two tooooooo many!!!!!! But they both took off like a flash – yup they CAN move fast when the spirit takes them – up a tree – wayyyyyyy up the tree!!!! Later I found that nope she had not been swimming or having a drink in the pond – she actually chewed my bullrushes down to nubs in the water! Better the bullrushes I say – than my wooden house!!!! Although we discovered some new nasty damage on the garage door frame! So if anyone has suggestions (besides getting in a hunter to do away with her permanently or bonking her over the head!) …

And now a few pix to share

Night time houses (one of my kits) hooked by Tara…

Eggnormous (pattern by Sandi Percival available through me) hooked by Elaine…

Cat Landscape (one of the Karla Gerard miniature punch needle patterns I sell) punched by Louise…


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  1. elaine allerton

    Oh loretta,,,,you are funny! Made my mornjng!! You are funny,,, not funny about them chewing on ur house!!
    Eric has set a live trap with food,,, and then hauls them away to a conservation area near us,, or,,,
    We have had them all in a trap, including a skunk!! No fun ,,
    Have a great weekend, ,

  2. I love reading your adventures!

  3. Julie Budzin

    How about motion light that glues onto almost anything. Or something similar that makes a noise when disturbed.
    A scarecrow???
    Good luck with this one.

  4. Margaret Mitchell

    Unfortunately I don’t have any good ideas wrt the porcupines, but wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your posts and the pictures. Good luck with the preservation of your wooden house!

  5. Oh Boy! we had a Problem Porki a few years ago – he decided to lounge high up on a branch over our front deck. Each day, we would be subjected to a thunderous downpour of Porki pee – the smell was beyond revolting. Unfortunately, we finally resorted to a “trapper”. We were advised to scrub down the deck and dig up the soil around the area. Even though this particular fellow was no longer with us, the scent would likely attract his extended family. No visitors since…

  6. Try a salt lick (block) away from the house…..that’s what they after….YOUR STEPS ARE PROBLy treated ….Worked at ,your parents

  7. Sandi Percival

    Hi Lor: Please pass on to Elaine that it was amazing for me to see my pattern hooked by someone else. It warmed my heart. I like her interpretation and she did an awesome job. Thanks….Sandi

    On Fri, May 12, 2017 at 7:55 AM, Hooked On The Lake wrote:

    > hookedonthelake posted: “Had a fun, fun day at Stitch by Stitch on Tuesday > – there was a lot of hooking and punching and chatting going on. So nice > to see so many familiar and NEW faces!!!! My next morning at the shop will > be June 13. Today we are off to Montreal for the rug ex” >

  8. Omg Loretta! Thanks for that mental image,I’m still chuckling! You know if there were two of them and it’s spring time….you could end up with a whole little family!
    We got rid of a skunk who had ideas of building a nest under our deck by getting a very strong motion sensor light AND we played very loud music all day right beside the deck….it moved on after 2 days of music….we changed it up from classical to country and blue grass to rock. Never opera and never jazz; we aren’t that mean!


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