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Firstly I do apologize for the pix on my post of the annual that were missing names or hmmmm somehow got messed up (Gord’s fault!! 🙂 ). Some have been corrected (many of the theme rugs including the winning piece by Debbie Harris) were missing names and slowly but surely we are getting those and I am making corrections so if you know of any of the missing names please get in touch with me and I will correct them.  Thank you to all who have emailed.

I should also mention that my miniature punch needle class is full (I have a waiting list) but a couple of spots in Wendo’s needle felted lamb chop still are available. Wendo is an amazing felter and teacher – you will love this class so please let either of us know if you want to join us…


and now for some Maud rugs! Thank you to those who sent these in…

Nancy sent her rug…

Ruby sent hers…

Wendy and her Maud and an original Maud painting that was purchased for 8.00 – add a few zeros to that nowadays…

Della Ann hooked these two pieces… 

and one I have never seen by Allanah…

and Elaine’s chair pad with braided edge…

I know there are more out there!!!!


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  1. I thought Gord did an amazing job getting the names and pictures of all the entries 😀 better than I did. It was a great show.

  2. is the workshop piece 4×6 inches in the mini punch?

  3. I was thrilled to see the Maude Lewis exhibit at the gallery in Halifax. Recently a charity in Kingston found an original Maude painting in their donation box. The bidding is at $126,000! Sadly, Maude received very little pay for her quirky work. She is a shining example smiling through pain.

  4. elaine allerton

    Thanks for the postjng, loretta,,,, like seeing all her mats,,, such bright , fun colors in her work!! My chairpad has faded ,, but love it so ,,,
    Take care,,,


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