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Yesterday I went to see the movie, Maudie, which tells the poignant story of Maud Lewis, a folk artist from Nova Scotia. The movie was wonderful – it did not overly romanticize the lives of Maud and Everett – at times it was raw and gut wrenching. Maud fought a battle with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and later in her life was severely crippled – to the point where holding a paintbrush was painful, yet she managed to inject humour and joy into every one of her paintings which reflected the world around her – AS SHE SAW IT! If you have an opportunity to see this lovely movie do so – and take a lot of kleenex!

A number of years ago I took not one but TWO classes with Pam Langdon who taught about Maud and how to hook her paintings. Patterns are available from Highland Heart Hookery in Halifax. Here are a few of my hooked Maud’s.

Oh and if you see the movie – don’t leave (like everyone else) when the credits start – there is a lovely surprise injected in the credits that make it worth staying to the end!

If you have hooked a Maud send me a picture – I would love to post it.

And a few rugs by others…

Julie’s canola moose…

Tara’s rug for her doggies – Tara just started hooking a few months ago…  Nancy’s table runner of the birds who surround her…


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  1. Lila Dressler

    Pictures didn’t come through…….😫

    Lila D North Port, FL

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  2. Lila Dressler


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  3. Bev. Vanderschoor

    What wool cut was used in the family riding in the buggy.

  4. Do you think the movie is on Netflix, is it new? Would love to see it. I also keep forgetting to mention your Canolas idea. You started it, didn’t you? I remember you showing us when we. Visited last August you were just getting started. Are people making their own designs?

  5. Sure hope the movie comes to the US. Such a touching story. Loved the book.

  6. Her paintings are full of joy. My friend, ex- student and Hooking mentor Karen Lediard said she met you in Coburg. Hopefully I will get to Ottawa next year. Beth

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  7. I love your Maud rugs!!!

  8. Do you know if anyone might be doing a workshop on how to hook a Lewis? I would love to take one if one is available.

    I hope the movie goes into wider circulation. The times around here are too limited.


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