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The other day I happened to look out the window and lo and behold wasn’t there a big chubby otter – yes otter! – waddling across the driveway towards our pond. He slipped into the pond, swam around for a while and when he realized there were no fish or frogs climbed out and headed towards the lake! We have never had the otters up around the house – soooo exciting… Even snapped a few pix… although this is the only one where he does not look like a big black blob!


Shashtin punched my pumpkin pattern with yarn and her oxford punch needle…

and Lois finished her Canola rug…

and Toni sent me a picture of her completed Fish Bones (one of my patterns)…

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  1. Otter, cool!!!! Love that pumpkin!

  2. Wow, Lois did a great job on her Canola! love the colours.!!!

  3. ELizabth Worrall aka LoopE

    Otterly Amazing! I bet he wanted to see your beautiful otter rug . Great Shot! Bring on Spring and your wildlife paradise.

  4. Fish bones is hilarious!

  5. I love the Fish Bones!


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