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Had a fun fun day at guild yesterday – did I get anything done – well nooooo but I did get inspired by the wonderful rugs and other projects. So I am hoping they will get your juices flowing as well. Plus,  a number of people have emailed me pix of their finished projects to share. Enjoy…

Tomorrow I will be a vendor in Peterborough(Ontario) Fibre Festival – hope some of you can come.  And I will also be back at Stitch by Stitch – April 4.

Gail has 2 cutter heads in virtually new condition for Fraser cutter – number 3 and 4.  If you are interested please let me know and I can put you in touch with her…

And now for some inspiration…

Linda finished her small hit and miss mat done in many different sized strips (recycled and new)… Diane is working on a big punch needle pattern of sledders to go on her antique sled… Cindy is finishing her colourful Canola as a purse… Linda finished off Mr. Wiener for her sister as a memorial to her own little dachshund…I love how different this looks compared to my original version – the colours are wonderful…

Delande did an amazing rendition of a photo of her daughter…

And Ruby finished off a Karla punch needle – not sure who did that amazing frame but I soooo want it… 

Pix from guild…

Sharon’s Maple leaves…

Lori was working on a piece that was started by another hooker in number 2 cut! yikes!!! Not sure I could even see a number 2 without cheaters 🙂 … Susan wash showbinding her small landscape… and Jill was working on the background for her Sunflowers (wonderful eggplant and brown mix)… Pauline just finished a replication of an old damaged rug that could not be repaired… Karen was almost done her beautiful version of Karen Kahle’s Vermont pattern…
The other Karen was working on her Lunenberg rug…
And her punch needle of her son’s former home (on the way home we HAD to stop at the antique store and find a box to attach this lovely punch needle piece to – and we DID!!!)…Louise was working on the sky of her huge village rug… Andrea did a punch needle version of a pattern from an old rughooking magazine… I want to point out that this is MINIATURE punch needle done with a needle and threads versus the larger punch needle done with the Oxford punch and yarns…  and brought along her beautiful rug (pattern by Carol Feeney) done in a multitude of alternative fibres… Maureen was working on her little floral… Cathy on her hit and miss…
and Elizabeth on a series of I believe 14 risers for a customer… 

Cindy brought along her hooks for sale – all turned by her husband.  They feel so lovely in the hand – if you are interested please contact me and I can put you in touch with Cindy… Cathy brought along some wonderful stools for sale – unfinished – but this is one she finished and brought for inspiration… and Lori brought along her framed Bluenose… 
and France was finishing the border of her William Morris Sampler…


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  1. elaine allerton

    Wonderful pics, lorretta,, thanks so much,,,,
    Are u coming to the woodstock hookin on april 1st??
    You missed last year,,,,
    Take care, elaine allerton,

  2. Wondering if the cutter blades are still available, and how much? May be cost prohibitive because we are in the states.

  3. Linda Thompson

    Hi Loretta, keep sending the photos please, I love seeing what everyone is doing. I am working on a mat to place in front of my fireplace, the main colors are different blues which is the accent colors of my living area. I am finding the colors kind of blah and I would like to add some other elements ( colors ) to jazz it up a bit. The mat is mainly diamond shapes and because of my ability or lack of it is primitive, I am using a #7 cut of wool which Jane Cuthbert has helped me cut with her cutter. I saw some of your fabric pieces in Stitch by Stitch and I loved all the vibrant colors and textures of plaid, dots, etc. I would like to visit your home shop ( if you have one ) to purchase some different wool to add to what I have. Would there be a day and time next week to come to Westport. Thanks, Linda Thompson


  4. Wow to everyone, beautiful work…my canola is coming along!!!

  5. Linda Henderson

    Many thanks to Loretta for patience, guidance and prodding that helped me stick with and finish Mr. Wiener. Couldn’t have done it without you. You’re a genius!

  6. Really lovely rugs. I hope this inspires me to get back at it.


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