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Tomorrow I will be at Stitch by Stitch in Kingston – bring your rughooking and punching and spend the morning…

The other day I was out on the porch and heard the weirdest chirping sounds from outside. Now remember, it is dang cold here right now and we do still have flurries coming and a bit of snow left on the ground and the lake is still frozen so what could it be – certainly not OTTERS! Nope – looked out the window and there in the pine tree behind the house were two huge bald eagles!!! Quickly, quickly – Gord get pix please! Well we got 2 – top one you can see the one eagle starting to fly off but in the bottom one you can see both eagles in the tree. How exciting – the last time I saw them outside the house they were chowing down on something and dropping bits and pieces of their breakfast on the ground – but that was many years ago. Needless to say, we are keeping the cats INDOORS! these days!… 

While Helen was here she punched up a few more pieces and attached them to vintage butter paddles we found in Almonte last week…

and yup even I punched up a piece – Folk art Sheep … (these Karla Gerard punch needle patterns are available – just email if you are interested)…

Folk Art Sheep

Village Street

Cat Landscape


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  1. Wow what a fantastic opportunity to see those eagles so close. Perhaps they are going to stay around for a while.

    Did you punch 3 pieces? All of them are wonderful. I love Helen’s mounted pieces.

  2. Sheilamary Boydell

    Hi Loretta…I am wondering if you sell punch needles for rug hooking? I have tried to buy one (or more!) in Ontario so far without success and am hoping that you can help me. Some of your students say you may be able to help and I see from your posts that you do this craft as well as traditional rug hooking. I live in Almonte so there wouldn’t be any postage charges involved, I could pick up at your convenience…if indeed you can help!

    Sheilamary Boydell


    • Alexandra Reid

      Hi again…do you sell punch needle equipment? Ottawa – my neighbourhood has had bald eagle flying about..2 weeks ago I, B.Hadley , her friend Emily _ king Charles spaniel and her father saw 2 in our park..oh they are beautiful!


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