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I am in the process of adding some new Karla Gerard patterns to my on line store …








These are such funnnnn patterns…

And a few of the punch needle pieces I have done recently – still to be mounted, stuffed, appliquéd – who knows! The chicken I did on the beach in St. Lucia – weather was perfect for punching until the wind started blowing sand all over my weavers cloth. I eventually stopped but not before I think I punched into a somewhat harder granule of sand and put a burr in my needle tip! I had been panicking that I would lose my one and only needle threader and instead damaged the needle itself! OH WHAT TO DO. Wellllll, I thought – a nail file. Nope don’t have one of those! cause I had just chopped my nails down to nothing before I left to remove all the dye stains! But my trusty sister did – a wonderful glass one which I used to file the burr off my needle tip! So now of course I need to add that to my list of must haves! and remember to carry it with me when I decide to schlepp along my punching! ALONG WITH ANOTHER NEEDLE THREADER! just in case!!!!

One of my Karla Gerard punch needle patterns…


Two Teresa Kogut punch needle patterns I carry… image-7



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  1. Patterns seems to not have downloaded.

  2. Lor….didn’t get the download…blame it in Gord!😜

  3. That should read…on Gord!

  4. Anne & Jim Ashman

    hi loretta….how big is the new Karla Gerrard rug that is all flowers…the first one of your patterns??…..also, what is the price?? thanks for the time. …anne

  5. Kerstin Winchester

    Dear Loretta,

    I’m looking at your new patterns and the punch needle ones caught my eye! May I ask what kind of monks cloth you use to draw the pattern on? My cloth has 10-12 holes per inch for the kind of rug yarn I use. Wouldn’t it be great if yours is the same!!

    I’m quite taken with the two bunnies looking at each other. What size rug would that be?

    Keep warm, it’s darn cooooold here..❄️☃️💨

    Best regards, Shashtin


  6. Her patterns are always so much fun.

  7. Mary Lynne Naples

    I love the Laurel Burch Catfish pattern. How can I obtain it?


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