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Well not those kind of blues, but blue does seem to be showing up a lot in my rugs these days. This is my “Can-ola” Kingfisher. Most mornings when we head down to the dock he greets us from his perch high up in one of our beautiful pine trees that line the shore. I have always loved Kingfishers – they are the funniest looking little birds with their bigggg heads, long beaks and short stumpy bodies. I felt that I had to immortalize this fellow as a Canola!…


As I have mentioned NUMEROUS TIMES, blue is not one of my favourite colours but Navy is one of my favourite blues! For the above mola kingfisher I used Prochem navy 413 and Magic Carpet black in equal parts over a mix of many different recycled and new wools. Hooked with lots of rusts and oranges in the motifs it is a wonderful background colour… Those smoky blues in the water and kingfisher are the same formula but just the lighter values – when I dye up a big pot of wool I usually pull out a few pieces early on so that I have all the values I need – light, medium and dark.  Then once all the dye is absorbed I throw those early lighter pieces back into the pot to set the colour.  Sometimes, if it’s a complex formula with many different dyes, I even get a variety of colours as some dyes pick up faster – but they all work well together.

And now a few more pix to share…

Louise finished punching a few pieces that she brought to guild the other day for show and tell…



and Nicole sent me a picture of her Mola Bear from our class last fall – love the way this Can-ola turned out!…


Diane finished her pillow and hung her Cheticamp mini mats…image


Shashstin punched (oxford punch needle) this wonderful hockey rug for her grandson…

image-2and Susan sent me a picture of her finished Sheep and Tongues…


Heather send pix of three of her recently completed rugs…


My Seagull kit hooked by Heather…image-6

Pattern by Debra Henkel of Handmaiden Designs…image-7

Julie finished this wonderful fish rug – lovvvve the colours…


and Jill finished her Moose rug – pattern available from Baa Baa Bundles…

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  1. seeing these lovely creations brightened my day. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. All gorgeous! I really liked what Diane did with her punch needle…..lovely!

  3. thereswoolinmysoup

    I LOVE the kingfisher … they are one of my favorite birds. Once again the colors are fantastic. Those finished rugs have inspired me … again.

  4. All very nice! Is the hockey pattern available?

  5. Gorgeous! I love how the colours in the Fish rug brighten as you look down toward the bottom. Brighter outlines and brighter colours. Your Kingfisher captures so authentically the spirit of the Mola….and the Old World Santa in needle punch is perfect…Thanks for sharing, Loretta.

  6. Elizabeth Worrall

    I absolutely LOVE the kingfisher ” cano-la” . Using the repeated tree motif in the background was a terrific idea.I always look forward to this blog and seeing how creative everyone is.

  7. Who’s pattern is the standing Santa? Darling


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