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Tuesday, February 14 -Valentine’s Day from 10 – 12 will be my next morning at Stitch by Stitch in Kingston.

And a few pix to share…

Andrea made a few hundred woollen flowers for her daughters wedding. When the wedding was done she took them and sewed them to a piece of linen that she framed in a vintage mirror frame – see the little kitty peaking out amongst all those flowers…


her finished penny rug made out of blankets…


Elaine’s fun fun hooked version of Cat Landscape – one of the Karla Gerard patterns I sell…


and her Sheep rug (a Difranza pattern)…

My friend Diane, was here for a few days and we played and junked. Here are some more pix to share…

LOVE this antique handmade sled – it will house a punch needle Di started of children sledding…(we discovered a wonderful new store in Perth – Red Brick – they sell antique and vintage and new items! My heart skipped a few beats during our shopping spree!)

The wonderful little Cheticamp mats were a steal at Hoffmann’s flea market in Perth!


her Wool applique (pattern from Old Tattered Flag) – combination of punching (through wool) and appliqué…

and a lovely punch needle (pattern I believe was Threads that Bind)…

and yup I actually was hooking – one of the Shelly Atkinson patterns I sell – check  my online store for her fun fun patterns…


I adapted the pattern a bit – changed the trees to skeletal trees and cut off the snowman. And yup, thats a lot of blue for a girl who doesn’t really LIKE blue – but it’s dirty! old! toned down! And I love it!!!! You can order this pattern from me just as a pattern or as a kit! either full or adapted as my hooked piece is. image

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  1. Susan Cartwright


    I have started hooking your sheep:

    Susan MW Cartwright, C.M. Ottawa 613-567-3898 Perth 613-267-9508 Cell 613-720-1278


  2. I love Andea’s flowered mirror and the kitty! Such a sweet remberence for her daughter. I also love the skaters. I will send you a photo later of our enclosures for our lanai, think we got what we wanted!!! Thanks to you and Gord! We found someone that did a great job installing them. We wanted them mostly to keep rain out of our lanai, but sure makes a big difference in warmth on cold nights.

    Hugs, Toni

  3. Love your skaters Loretta, the ice looks truly like an icy lake and the sky is wonderful and love the white around the skeletal trees, really makes them stand out like it has just snowed!
    Love the dirty blue!!!

  4. I, too love the skaters. Your colours are spot on and they do look … err … old!
    I hope to start the “Otters” next week.


  5. Love the way your adapted piece hooked up! It actually makes winter look pleasant and fun!


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