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WHAT AM I?????


Am I a beaver… or am I an otter… BEAVER? OTTER? Beaver ???? Otter ????image-1

Perhaps! an otter with a dual personality!!!! Spied this cutey on our way home from guild chowing down on a fish and playing hide and peek…

And our current crop of deer and turkeys – see it IS possible to get along in this world…image

Guild was such fun with so many wonderful rugs, punch hooking etc. to share…

Wendy’s pattern by American Country Rugs…


Elizabeth was whipping her Eaton pattern available from Carol Shewan…hpim6713 Susan’s goat from her class with Gail Dufresne – pattern available from Gail…hpim6714 Stacey was working on her Killarney available from Carol Shewan…hpim6716 Karen brought her amazing quillie tree for us to covet…hpim6717 and was punching a pattern from Old Tattered Flag…hpim6719 Andrea was working on a penny rug made of old Hudson Bay blankets…hpim6720 Wendy’s punch needle by Old Tattered Flag…hpim6721 Louise showed her beautiful knitted socks…hpim6724

Maureen’s geometric from her class with Laura Bezormeny…hpim6726 Cathy’s hit and miss rug – great way of using allllllll this worms…hpim6727 Sharon was finishing her dog rug – background all yarn…hpim6728 Joanne was working on Primitive Fox available through my online store…hpim6729 Jill was working on a RHF pattern of sunflowershpim6731 Jo-Anne was working on her pattern from Rae Harrell…hpim6732


My Karla Gerard Barn Scene being showbound…


6 responses »

  1. It is definitely an otter – unmistakable head shape!!

  2. I love the picture of the deer. So sweet. ?

    Krystyne King

  3. Liz from Seeley's Bay

    definitely an otter at this time of year…

  4. I believe that is a river otter by the shape of his head and he swims with his head high unlike the beaver, just saying Weezie

    Sent from my iPad


  5. Looks like an Otter to me–love your dinner guests

  6. Looks like an Otter to me as well.


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