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Today I took down all my Christmas decorations and tidied (a bit!). Put most of the holiday baking into containers and into the freezer – out of sight, out of mind althoughhhhhh frozen cookies are not too hard to eat! Now, time to start thinking about the next hooking or punching project. Or maybe work on one of my junkin’ treasures.

Over the holidays I did do a bit of hooking and punching with friends. I always find myself excited and motivated when I am surrounded by creative women (and men!!!!!). The ideas flow, the urge to pick up a hook or punch needle increases and yeah something actually gets done! So a few pix of finished pieces…

Helen punched this beautiful piece up in 2 days… (not sure who the designer is)


I hooked this Briarwood Folkart piece…image-1

and Helen finished off her Teresa Kogut rabbits…

I also finished off this adaptation of one of the Karla Gerard patterns I carry – it turned out to be exactly the size I needed to put on the front of an old candle box (that had been sitting on the shelf gathering dust for many years) – how amazing was that!!!… Now the question is – do I paint the candle box. Gord thinks I would lose all the wonderful patina and aged look – I think it is kind of blah the way it is and needs some hmmm colour! and life! The punch needle will be attached to the front of the box and fits perfectly…



I am happy to say I now have a new supply of beautiful Hartman hooks in various larger sizes from 6 to 9 mm with ball and pear and ergo handle. If you have never used one of these beautiful hooks made in Ireland they are a dream to work with – the handle feels like silk and the shaft is tapered so that it slides into the backing easily and then as you push it down the shaft widens the hole so that you can pull up wider cut strips without damaging wrist, elbow or shoulder. Email me for details on the sizes and price.

And I am excited to announce that I now carry some of Teresa Kogut’s beautiful miniature punch needle patterns as well as Valdani threads – email me for details. These are the patterns I currently have in stock and they can be kitted up with the beautiful variegated Valdani threads. I will be stocking more patterns shortly but thought these would be a wonderful start. I also can do up most of the Karla Gerard patterns I carry as punch needle patterns. And if you want to see a selection of the patterns by Wendy T. refer to my June 2016 posts where I included pix of some of the lovely patterns she has put together.







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  1. Liz from Seeley's Bay

    Lor those are all lovely pieces…the rabbit love piece is very cute. I wish I could ‘get’ that punch needle thing…thus far the repetitiveness of the sound and strike is just not ‘me’! clearly I need to keep on trying because I love the ease of travel of that particular ‘craft’. Happy hooking 🙂

  2. You know how I would vote on the candle box….paint and stress away. It will be a beautiful piece when finished.

  3. I would like to see the hook, sizes, and price.

    Thank you,
    Sherryl Rager

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  4. I do love your Briarwood chickens!
    Teresa’s patterns are so sweet and she is one of the nicest persons you will ever meet.
    Happy New Year.

  5. I do not know those hooks, but can you email a picture? And cost? I have really bad arthritis in my thumb, so finding a comfortable hook is a challenge. I hook mainly cuts 4, 5, 6. Occasionally a 7. My present favourite is a short handle with a flat top for thumb. Thanks Loretta. We were supposed to be in FL for Jan & Feb, but I had a nasty fall over Christmas, resulting in a change of plans. We will now be here for the winter. Broke my hand, so not hooking at the moment, but it will be good therapy eventually. Happy New Year! Nancy

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  6. Do you teach punching hooking?

  7. Eleanor E Langlois

    Fill the candle box with greens and berries or something similar and the “blah” look may go away without painting.


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