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Did I mention how cold it is – well I was wrong. It is MORE THAN COLD! It is positively FRIGID! But that did not stop us – last night we went for the light show at Upper Canada Village. This event is held annually and the entire village is lit up with hundreds of thousands of lights. We took our young company from Germany to see the light show and introduce them to a REAL CANADIAN WINTER’S EVENING! It was nippy in the extreme but that did not stop hundreds of people from coming for a fun evening of walking through the village, stopping in the church for carolling (and to warm up), stopping in the bakery to see how bread would have been baked in the 1800’s (and to warm up), stopping in the gingerbread house to fill up on hot chocolate and sticky buns (and to warm up!), stopping in the tavern (just to warm up!) and hmmm TRYING TO WARM UP! Actually the cold cold weather lent a lovely true Canadian winter feel to everything – the stars were out in full force and the lights were wonderful. Thank goodness it WAS so cold because Gord kept stepping in fresh horse buns – which immediately (and thankfully) turned into frozen lumps. I know that this event continues through the holidays into January so if you get a chance to visit it is a fun way to spend an evening…





Unfortunately this was the end of the pictures BECAUSE THE IPHONE FROZE. Guess it is not used to Canadian winters either!!!

Sue sent pix of her ironing board cover – a vintage ironing board now covered with a wonderful rug will become a table…image-1
Wendy’s Santa (Polly Minick pattern) with appliquéd corner trees!…image-1

and Mary’s rug made with POLAR FLEECE… image-2

and I am finishing off a Shelly Atkinson stocking hooked by Debbie for her son Jake – hope to post it later this week. Shelly has some wonderful stocking patterns and Christmas patterns – check my online store for a few samples.


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  1. When I saw the ironing board my first thought is this woman needs help, is she planning on ironing on this. glad to have read on and see that it will be a table. Clever idea and such a pretty table. Yes I agree with you Ann has done an amazing job with her rug. I’m glad she has joined out group she needs people with the same interests and who are encouraging so she finally finished. She should be very proud of her work, it is beautiful.

  2. I just love you and your descriptions!!!!! Merry Christmas from your newly moved to FL friend from VA!!! We are just passing thru the Straits of Messina (between Sicily and Italy). Heading north from Malta.

    Warm hugs!! Toni and Lee

  3. My daughters phone would freeze in Mongolia where she was doing research….-10-20

  4. Thinking of people at a Christmas market in Germany who were struck down today by terrorists.

  5. They are all lovely! Is the polar fleece one hooked on linen?

  6. Please tell Sue that she is absolutely brilliant to cover her vintage ironing board! I used to use one for a sofa table at an angle, but I never thought to fancy it up like she has. I love it!

  7. All beautiful…Merry Christmas and happy New Year.


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