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No No not for Santa (although!!!)… This year we started feeding our deer early as our neighbour decided he was not going to hunt on his property – he was done! yeahhhhh there goes 100.00 a month on food. But when I see them standing, staring anxiously at the house, waiting for their daily dole of food – ahhh the money is nothing! This was taken a few minutes ago – waiting for Gord and his trusty red bucket!…image

and a few finished pieces by Karen – I believe the first rug is a pattern by Lucille Festa…


and OMG(GOSH I sound like a teenager) but this tree is so beautiful that we have all decided we need to make one!…image-2

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  1. Love the tree as well, I have to have one! Both of you are so wonderful to your visitors! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I would love to make a tree like that! Can you post directions for it?? I know how to do quillies but what is the base? Do you start at the top or bottom or doesn’t it matter? I love it! I love reading your posts! You give me inspiration and many laughs! Merry Christmas!

  3. Hi Loretta:

    Would love the instructions for that tree. Quillies? The finishing part is what I would need.

    Love your deer. You two are dears for feeding them. T


  4. Love the tree, are the quillies sewen together and then glued on or are the quillies glued together as well?

  5. Your cone tree is great!!!

  6. My hooking friends in FL are loving the Quillies/Woolies Tree. Are there any instructions? I
    I’d guess the base to be a Styrofoam Cone……

  7. Hey loretta,,,love this pics! Thank you for al, ur posts this year,, really enjoy them,,,,
    Have a very happy Christmas, ,,, and happy new year!!!

  8. Merry Christmas Loretta, I enjoy each and every one of your posts and look forward to them in the new year. I hope when we retire next October that we can enjoy our time filled with as much enjoyment as you and your husband. Here’s to a great 2017!

  9. Merry Christmas! I too would love to make this tree, is there information or directions to look forward to? Thank you

  10. I also love the tree. Are there instructions?


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