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Over a year ago my friend, Julie, asked me if I would teach a class on Molas. Sure, I said! and then afterwards thought hmmm what the heck was I thinking! There are so many wonderful designs for hooked Mola rugs and so many other wonderful teachers of traditional hooked Molas – so what could I teach these ladies that might be different? Well, yesterday I spent the day with 9 lovely ladies talking about and designing Canadiana Molas (or as my friend Elizabeth christened them – Can-olas!). And what fun we had!!!! Everyone designed wonderful Canadiana versions of a traditionally Panamanian or Caribbean art form. I was so very proud of what these ladies came up with that I asked if I could share their designs with you and they said YES. Thank you ladies for a fun day and for being so open to trying something so very different and for being willing to play!!!…

Nicole’s wonderful bear in the woods… hpim6648 Sheila’s Beaver who had chowed down on a few trees…hpim6649Gillian was doing a dancing loon and incorporating beading, quillies and dots… hpim6651 Pat drew out this wonderful Heron…hpim6652 Julie actually started hooking her moose… hpim6653

Kit also started hooking her loon…hpim6654 Eleanor was adapting an amazing photo of a pileated woodpecker that I believe her son had taken…hpim6655 Candy’s wild porcupine… there’s a little tribute to my gnawed-on stairs up by that maple leaf!!!…hpim6657a few of my Can-olas – geese and super moon (that super moon seems to be appearing in a lot of my rugs these days!)…
hpim6661 my Beaver Mola…hpim6662and a few of my Molita purses…




and yup I have been hooking – finished this piece the other day as well…(hmmmm could that be another super moon?)
imageCandy also shared her Raven (one of the punch needle patterns by Wendy Tremblay that I carry)…


And now you KNOW I cannot let this post go by without a few animal stories from the wild woods!  Dear Gord bought me 2 bird feeders for my birthday – one was a lovely hand made chippy pealy tin and wood piece which I plan to use as a centrepiece filled with greenery and the other is one of those squirrel proof ones with a baffle on it. Guaranteed that squirrels cannot sit on the baffle and eat ALLLLLLLL THE EXPENSIVE SEEDS. But holy cow the morning after we hung it up we looked out what was that furry black thing sticking out of the side of the feeder? Well darn if that squirrel wasn’t INSIDE THE FEEDER – somehow he managed to lift the lid(roof) and climb inside – happy as a clam to be firmly housed in about 5 pounds of seeds!!!! SO SQUIRREL PROOF? – NOT WITH MY SQUIRRELS!!!!

Then this morning we put out the peanuts in a shell for the squirrels and blue jays! Well didn’t our little red squirrel hop up on the porch, grab a peanut and and run up the maple tree beside the house where he proceeded to bury that peanut in the snow trapped between the branch and trunk of the tree.  Down he hopped to run over to the pile for the next addition to his stash – and as he was loading up for the second time didn’t a bluejay dive into that pile of snow and grab the one he had just buried!! May be a longgggg and busy day for that little red squirrel with no joy at the end!


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  1. These patterns your group created are WONDERFUL! Thank you for sharing. Critter stories so funny! Have a grand weekend

    Joanna Turchin

  2. Wonderful rug designs and animal stories!

  3. LOVE the designs. Very native looking. Thanks for sharing! Nancy

    Sent from Nancy’s iPad


  4. Absolutely love the bear and porcupine mola patterns. Perhaps they would sell the design?


    On Fri, Nov 25, 2016 at 10:02 AM, Hooked On The Lake wrote:

    > hookedonthelake posted: “Over a year ago my friend, Julie, asked me if I > would teach a class on Molas. Sure, I said! and then afterwards thought > hmmm what the heck was I thinking! There are so many wonderful designs for > hooked Mola rugs and so many other wonderful teachers of tra” >

  5. These are wonderful! Would be interested in taking a class when offer up 3-5 days class
    Would travel from Vermont.
    Deb Kelley

  6. I so love the animal stories. They make me laugh.

    I love the concept of the Can-ola’s. I would also be keen on taking a class to learn more about the Canadian version of Molas as it is Canada’s 150th next year and I would love to create something for that celebration. But would love to be in the presence of other learners.

  7. Just when I think you’ve done ‘the best and the most’ you come up with…….even more superlatives…..Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Dear Loretta… I am still thinking of that wonderful day this Thursday! What a lovely day with you teaching us about Molas. And….how wonderful to…now…understand it all! The Canadian Mola….got it now!!!

    You are a very good and nice teacher! You were very patient with us and took the time to explain to us and respect each our capabilities and needs!!😊

    You can teach us anytime!! Will let all my friends how much fun of a day you fave us! Thanks again for all your work to make sure our day was more than special!!!


    We love your blog… Lots of us understand because we have some if these lovely little animals around…. They are all lovely….and we all love them!!

    P.s. Do you still have your beautiful cats?

    Enjoy your weekend! Tomorrow..we have have our pot-luck with the 1000 Islands Brockville Branch.


  9. Do you have kits or patterns for sale? Thanks

  10. Elizabeth Worrall

    Absolutely FABULOUS . These designs are amazing!! I wish I had been there with you, what a Supreme MOLA workshop.

  11. Great to see progress on the molas!! We saw a couple of your drawings when we were there in August! Think maybe a flamingo would make a good Nola??!!

  12. Love the can- olas- look like fun!

    Sent from my iPad



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