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You know that is my favourite way to spend a weekend – with good friends to add inspiration and motivation.  Seems all our lives have become so complex that we have less and less time for creativity.  But a weekend with the girls at camp brings it all back again.  We laughed (till we cried!), watched a wonderful DVD by Deanne Fitzpatrick, ate well (and not even too much this time), inspired each other, listened to horror stories about cars and bats and shared precious moments together.  Oh and yes we actually hooked (or punched) and finished or started new projects. How wonderful!!!

And now for a little show of what we worked on this weekend – okay so these pictures are not the greatest.  I took them with the iPad and hmmmmmm they are a tad fuzzy and not terribly clear. Could it be wool dust on my camera lens on the iPad 🙂 .

Donna’s rug – her own design – finally show bound and ready for the table in the new 3 season room… image

Karen’s snowman – pattern from Lucille Festa of American Country Rugs…image-1

Donna also finished this pillow off… image-2

Helen was punching up a storm (of snow flakes and snow men – picture is pretty bad because of the glare from alll that wonderful sun streaming in the windows)…image-3


And a rabbit punch needle pattern by Teresa Kogut…image-5

Diane was punching as well and finished 2 pieces… (O Glorious Day by Not Forgotten Farm) and Snowman pattern by Brenda Gervais (I believe!!!)…


Sandi finished her little thatched cottage… image-7  and Betty hooked a Christmas Goose pattern by Olde Tattered Flag?..image-12

Aha, Louise let me take pix even though her huge beautiful rug is not completed – her own design…image-13




Sheila inspired us with her beautiful textured landscapes…image-17



And Andrea is just finishing the embellishment of her Peggy’s Cove rug…image-21

Chris punched (Oxford) her Inukshuk and is just waiting for the right wool for the sun…image-22

Andrea made over 90 prodded flowers for her daughters centrepieces and bouquets – these are now being stitched to backing and will have hooking added around them and then framed in an antique mirror… image-23

Wendy almost finished her Polly Minick Santa… image-24

and finished her Old Tattered Flag punched Santa… image-25

Jill was binding her Karla Gerard Blue Sea rug (pattern available on my online store)…image-26

and brought her punch needle piece along for show and tell…(another Brenda Gervais pattern)…image-27Linda’s hooked homage to the fires in Alberta…

hpim6646 and I finished my Karla Gerard Crescent Moon rug (pattern available on my online store)… hpim6647

So you can see we actually DID work and had a blast – cannot wait till next Iawah weekend)!


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  1. Fantastic!! I’m at last joining some hookers here in FL!! Going to a P.Mc. Guild tomorrow, and a huge hook-in in Tampa Friday! Yeah! We have finally found a company that will be making our vinyls like yours! At least I hope they are as nice as yours!! We will also have them do a nice pergola attached to our lanai, hopefully it will get started in January.
    Love your enthusiasm and posts!

  2. Susan Stevenson-Turner

    Thanks for sharing! Such lovely pieces.


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